Access, edit, organize, and share photos with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from your web browser.

Organize, edit and share photos online.

Import photos

Go to and log in using your Adobe ID. Click the (+) icon at the far left and browse your computer to find your photos. Select the images you want to add, and then click Open to upload them.

Log into Lightroom on the web with your Adobe ID. Click the + icon, select images, click Open to upload.

Create an album

An album provides a way to organize your photos. Click the (+) icon in the Albums section, click Create Album, enter a name, and click Create.

Create an album to organize photos by clicking + icon, Create Album.

Add photos to an album

Click All Photos to view your entire library of images. Tap the checkmark in the top right corner of each photo you want to add. Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) to select multiple images, and then click Add To. Add the photos to an existing album, or create a new album and click Copy.

Select photos to add to album, click Add To, add to existing album or create a new album.

Organize albums into folders

Folders allow you to organize your albums even further. Each folder can hold multiple albums, and you can create multiple levels of folders. To add a folder, click the (+) icon in the Albums section, and then click Create Folder. Name the folder and click Create. To add albums to a folder, click the album thumbnail, and then drag the album to the folder until the folder is highlighted with blue. Drag any other albums you’d like to place in the folder. Click the arrow next to the folder name to see how the albums are now grouped.

Folders added to albums organize photos further. Click + icon, Create Folder, name folder, click Create. Drag and drop photos

Edit a photo

Select a photo and click Edit this photo. Use the Crop tab to crop, rotate, or straighten your photo. Use the Presets tab to apply creative and stylistic looks. Use the Adjust tab to access settings such as exposure, contrast, or a variety of other editing options. Click Save & Exit to save your changes.

Select photo, click Edit this photo to crop, rotate, straighten, color correct, or stylize the image.

Flag or rate

To organize your photos further, use flags to quickly indicate whether you like a photo or not. Assign star ratings to indicate varying degrees of quality. Select a photo, and then use the flags, star ratings, and additional options.

Flags appear at the bottom to indicate whether you like the photo or not.

Share an album

Choose an album and click Share to create a link to allow others to view and comment on your photos, or so you can share through email or social media or embed in a web page. Choose additional options to allow downloads or show metadata, location, or flagged photos, and click Done.

Tip: Be sure to check out Share photo albums in a Lightroom web gallery to see how you can showcase your favorite albums in a gallery on the web.


Share the album by clicking Share, then copying the unique URL to text, email, or social media.

Access your synced photos on your desktop and the web

Lightroom on the web is part of the Lightroom ecosystem. As you add, update, and remove images in Lightroom on the web, they’re automatically available from all your devices.

Changes made to Lightroom on the web are shared to Lightroom for mobile and desktop.

Be sure to check out other Lightroom tutorials for more detailed information on how to edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere.

Learn more about Adobe's online photo editing software.


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