Get answers to frequently asked questions contributors have about taxes.

General tax FAQs

Who can I contact with questions about tax forms?

Adobe Stock team members cannot advise you on individual tax issues or how to fill out forms. We can help you with technical issues. Please email

Can I upload a pre-filled tax form?

No, you cannot upload a pre-filled tax form, you must complete the tax form online in the Tax Center.

My tax form is being rejected when I try to put the withholding (WHT) rate on line 10. What can I do so that the form is accepted?

Do not insert decimals in the WHT rate (for example, put 10% instead of 10.00%).

Where can I download my 1099?

We don’t provide 1099s for download currently. At the end of January, we will mail you a hardcopy of your 1099. Check that the address in your Contributor Account profile is up-to-date to ensure that you receive your form.

Can you provide a statement of earnings?

Yes, please email to request a signed statement with royalties earned and withholding tax (WHT) for any year.

Do I need to pay taxes to IRS on the Royalties I earn, or will you automatically withhold the money?

When royalties are earned, taxes (if applicable) are automatically withheld and deposited directly to the IRS by the Tax Team.

I have just completed the relevant tax form, will the money that has been withheld in the past (before submitting a valid tax form) be returned to me?

No, the validated form and appropriate withholding tax rate is only applicable to future transactions.

FAQs specific to U.S. citizens and registered aliens

What tax form should I complete?

U.S. individual and corporate contributors must complete Form W-9.

Do I need to have a completed tax form to request a payment?

U.S. contributors (U.S. citizen or registered alien of the U.S.) must have a validated tax form on file to request a payment.

I am a U.S. citizen and need to complete a W-9 but I have a foreign address and the Tax Center does not accept a foreign address on a W-9. What do I do?

Complete a W-9 offline (not in the Tax Center) and email it to We will email your form to our IT department to manually override the system so that you can benefit from the 0% tax rate.

I am a U.S. contributor and I have not received a copy of my 1099, can you email one to me?

Yes, email your request to In addition, update your address in your Contributor Account profile to ensure that you receive a paper copy automatically next year.

Why I am receiving a 1099 if I didn't request or receive a payment?

Adobe Stock's system is set up so that you receive a 1099 based on the royalties earned each year.

This is done for several reasons:

  • This prevents contributors from “hoarding” royalties and only cashing them out when they feel like paying taxes on them.
  • Earning royalties constitutes "constructive receipt" based on IRS rules.
  • Even though contributors cannot cash out until they have at least $50, they can technically close their account and receive their royalties.

Please note: royalties are taxed the year you earn them, they are not taxed again when you remove the funds.

FAQs specific to non-U.S. citizens

What tax form should I complete?

Foreign individual contributor: Form W-8BEN

Foreign corporate contributor: Form W-8BEN-E

Do I need to have a completed tax form to request a payment?

Non-U.S. contributors can request a payment without having a completed tax form on file. You must click “No, I’m not a U.S. tax resident” to allow this functionality to work.

Am I required to have a U.S. or foreign TIN to file a valid W-8?

No, a U.S. or foreign TIN is not required to file a valid W-8 and benefit from the tax treaty between your country and the U.S. Note: typically you would need a TIN, but we have a special agreement with the IRS that enables you to file a W-8 without the TIN.

I reside in a country that does not have a tax treaty with the U.S., do I need to complete a form?

No, there is no benefit to completing a form if you live in a country with no tax treaty with the U.S. The withholding rate is 30% whether the form is completed or not.

The country where I reside requires Adobe to provide a U.S. Residency Certificate when I file my taxes. Can you provide this?

Yes, please email and we will email a copy of the most recent one we have on file.

The country where I reside requires Adobe to provide a "1042-S" Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. Can you provide this form?

Because of a special agreement we have with the IRS, we don't issue forms 1042-S separately to each contributor. However, we can provide a signed document that includes earnings and amount of withholding via email on request. Please email us at


What is my withholding tax rate?

Please email to request information about your withholding tax rate and any other details you need about your withholding taxes.

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