Learn how to browse team projects from within Adobe Media Encoder to export and render content.
  1. In Adobe Media Encoder, select Help > Sign In. Sign in to Creative Cloud using your Creative Cloud Adobe ID and password. 

    You can browse the contents available within your Team Projects within the Media Browser, including nested bins and folders like browsing a standard Premiere Pro and After Effects projects.

    Browsing Team Projects within Media Encoder
  2. To view earlier versions of a team project, use the Team Projects Versions slider. Tick marks on the vertical track indicate these earlier versions.

    To view the most recent version, set the slider to the top.

    When collaborators working in Premiere Pro, Prelude or After Effects share changes, the version history is immediately updated in the Media Browser in Adobe Media Encoder. The new version appears at the top of the slider.

    You can select assets in a team project and import them to a queue in Adobe Media Encoder similar to Premiere Pro and After Effects projects.

    Using the slider to view earlier versions of team projects