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You can use Adobe Acrobat plugin for Outlook to send large files as public links through Outlook. The attached files are uploaded to Adobe cloud storage, and public links to the files are inserted in the email body.

Recipients can select the link to preview the file in a browser window and can download the file if needed.


Starting with the March 2024 update, Acrobat Reader now includes the Acrobat plugin for Outlook.

  1. In the new message window, select Message.

  2. Select Attach instant file link in the Adobe Acrobat group.

    Attach File via Adobe Document Cloud button


    The plug-in does not work if you have RTF set as the default formatting for email messages. To use the plug-in, switch to HTML formatting.

  3. Browse and select the files that you want to attach, and then select Open.

    Alternatively, you can drag and drop files on the message window. A prompt appears asking if you want to Send PDF as Adobe cloud storage link. Select Always.

    Adobe Document Cloud yes/no link in the attachment input box

  4. Sign in with your Adobe ID and password if prompted.

  5. The selected files are uploaded to Adobe cloud storage, and public links to the files are inserted in the message body.

    Link to the attached files

    Modify the message text in the email as desired. Be careful not to modify the link.

Adobe Acrobat plug-in settings

By default, you see prompts for all attachments. However, you can configure the plug-in to handle PDF attachments only based on a specific size limit.

  1. Select Acrobat > Settings in the new message window.

    Adobe Document Cloud settings

  2. Choose an appropriate option, specify values if required, and then select OK.

    Adobe Document Cloud settings

Advantages of attaching files using Acrobat plug-in for Outlook

  • Access to your address book and complete control over the email format and content.
  • Send catalogs, brochures, and other large files — even audio/video.
  • Preview files in a browser (except audio/video) or download to look at later.

Supported Outlook versions

  • Outlook for Windows 2010, 2013, and 2016: The plug-in is automatically added to your Outlook when you install Acrobat on your computer.


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