Feature summary | Bridge (October 2021 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2021 release of Bridge (version 12)

Workflow Builder

With this release, Bridge introduces a new workspace - Workflow. Use this workspace to easily combine various tasks and stitch them together to create your own workflows for repeat use. Just drag and drop assets on the workflow preset to queue a job and click Start Workflow to run them. The Workflow workspace is accessible from the application bar.

Workflow workspace
New Workflow workspace

To create and run a new workflow, do the following:

  1. Select Workflow from the Application bar to enter the Workflow Builder workspace.

  2. From the Workflow panel, select Create New Workflow or click the + icon at the bottom of the panel.

    Create new workflow

  3. In the Task Diagram section, add the required tasks to your workflow. Currently, the Workflow Builder supports these tasks:

    • Change Format
    • Apply Metadata
    • Resize To
    • Batch Rename
    Add task

    More tasks will be added in the future. 

  4. In the Workflow Details section, specify the details of the workflow (workflow preset name, output destination) and the individual tasks.

    Add task details

    If you want to add more tasks to the workflow, click the + icon present at the bottom of the Task Diagram section.

    Add more task

  5. Once you have completed building your workflow, save the workflow preset with a unique name.

  6. Drag and drop the selected assets from the Content panel onto your Workflow Preset and click Start Workflow.


    Once you have created your Workflow Presets, you can also select assets from the Content panel and do one of the following

    • Ctrl-click (macOS) or right-click (Windows) to bring up the context menu and navigate to Workflow > and choose the desired preset 
    • Go to File  Workflow > and choose the desired preset.

If you want to run one-off workflow without saving a preset, you can drag and drop your assets onto Custom Workflow which is available in the Workflow panel. Modify the prepopulated tasks as per your needs and start the workflow.

You can also access Custom Workflow by doing the following:

  • Ctrl-click (macOS) or right-click (Windows) to bring up the context menu and navigate to WorkflowCustom Workflow
  • Go to File  > Workflow Custom Workflow

For more information, see Workflow Builder.

Support for Adobe Camera Raw 14

This version of Bridge supports the new Adobe Camera Raw sidecar extensions. All the edits that you do in Adobe Camera Raw 14 will be visible in Bridge.

However, few edits done in Camera Raw 14, like masking edits and edits applied via extension-specific sidecars, such as sample.cr2_xmp, will not be backward compatible with older versions of Camera Raw (13.4 and below). 


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