Learn how to add thousands of fonts using the Creative Cloud desktop app so you can use them in your apps and websites.

How to activate or deactivate fonts

  1. Click the Creative Cloud desktop icon  to launch the app from the taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (macOS).

  2. Click the fonts icon  in the upper-right corner. Then click Browse Fonts.

    Browse fonts

     Does your screen look different? See instructions for the earlier version of the Creative Cloud desktop app. 

    A browser window opens and you are signed in to fonts.adobe.com.

  3. Browse or search for fonts. Use the filters on the left to narrow the results. 

  4. Click any font to view its family page. Select the font weights and styles you want to use, or use the menu at the top of the list to add full families.

    Activate fonts families

    The activated fonts are listed under the fonts icon  in the Creative Cloud desktop app and in the font list in your desktop apps. Some desktop applications, like Microsoft Word, may require a restart after a new font has been activated.

Fonts list is Creative Cloud desktop app
List of activated fonts in the Creative Cloud desktop app
Font list in Creative Cloud app
Activated fonts displayed in Adobe Illustrator


You can activate as many fonts as you'd like, but we recommend keeping your active font list short to optimize performance. Every font you deactivate is tracked in your Previously Active tab, so you can easily activate them again at any time.

Use Adobe Fonts while offline

If you launch the Creative Cloud desktop app while offline, fonts won't display in the font lists of your apps. However, if you go offline while the Creative Cloud desktop app is running, any activated fonts will still be listed and available to use.

Use fonts in older versions of Creative Cloud and third-party apps

Adobe fonts that have not been used in over 60 days need to be reinstalled for use in older Creative Cloud and third-party apps. Creative Cloud keeps apps running smoothly by periodically cleaning up these fonts.

You can quickly reinstall fonts on the Adobe Fonts website by clicking the cloud icon  next to the font name in your Active Fonts list. Once the fonts are reinstalled, they will show up as usual in all your font menus. 

We recommend keeping Creative Cloud software up to date for the best font experience. Learn more about reinstalling fonts that are no longer in use.

Reinstall your fonts

How to turn off the Adobe Fonts service

You can enable or disable the Adobe Fonts service from Creative Cloud desktop app. Disabling Adobe Fonts deactivates any activated fonts and prevents you from activating other fonts from the service.

  1. In Creative Cloud desktop app, click the gear icon  in the upper-right corner.

    Click the gear icon at the upper-right corner of the Creative Cloud desktop app

     Does your screen look different? See instructions for the earlier version of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  2. Click Services on the sidebar. Then disable the Adobe Fonts option.

    Disable Adobe Fonts
    Disable Adobe Fonts
  3. Click Done to apply your changes.