Share your work for commenting

Learn how to easily share your work to get comments and feedback from team members, stakeholders, or clients. Also learn how to add comments to documents shared with you.

Easily share your work and get feedback from other users

You can share your Creative Cloud assets to get comments from reviewers. Depending on the app, you can share your work from either the Creative Cloud website or from within the app.

Share through Creative Cloud website

For all Creative Cloud apps (except Adobe XD and Adobe Aero), you can share your work for commenting through the Creative Cloud website

For more information, see How do I share a file for commenting through the Creative Cloud website below.

Share in-app

In some apps, you can share your work for commenting from within the app.

For more information, select the app below:

InDesign | Adobe XD | Adobe Fresco | Adobe Dimension 

How to share a file for commenting through the Creative Cloud website

  1. Sign in to the Creative Cloud website.

  2. Locate the file you want to share and select it. (To select a file, hover the mouse over it, and check the box that appears.)

    Select the file to share

  3. Select  Get link.

    Share Creative Cloud files

  4. Set the Link Settings you want for the file:

    • Allow Commenting: Lets link recipients add comments to the file.
    • Allow Save To Creative Cloud: Lets link recipients save the file to their Creative Cloud account.
    Change link settings

     Anyone who has the link can view and download the asset. Link recipients cannot upload, update, or delete your assets. You can revoke access anytime you want.

  5. Click Copy Link, and share the copied link with the desired recipients.

  You can also share cloud documents directly from the Creative Cloud desktop app. In the Your work tab, select  > Cloud documents. Select your cloud document, and then select the Share icon .

How to add comments to assets shared with you

You can view the files and assets shared with you, and comment on them.

  1. Open the link to the asset that you received. 

  2. To open the Comments panel, select the   icon  in the upper right.

    To comment on the shared asset, click the Comment icon

  3. Add your comment and select Submit. To provide visual context, you can also place a pin or draw a shape on the asset. 

    Comment on a shared asset

    A. Draw a shape B. Place a pin 

      To reply to a comment, select Reply. To resolve, edit, or delete a comment, select the More options  menu.

    Edit, delete, reply to, or resolve a comment on a shared asset

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