Overview is located in McLean, Virginia (USA) and offers identity proofing solutions through online, video (virtual in-person), and in-person methods. With over 93 million users in their network, identity verification services are used by many businesses as well as federal and state government agencies across the United States. offers the following solutions (identity verification policies) integrated into Adobe Acrobat Sign to verify a signer’s identity:

KBA Replacement

This solution uses one piece of strong evidence to verify the signer’s identity, such as a personal mobile phone number, a state-issued ID, or a passport/passport card.

Fortified Identity

This solution requires two pieces of evidence: a document (license/state ID, passport, or passport card) and either a phone number verification or in the event the phone number verification fails, a selfie. 


This solution allows for the use of Knowledge-Based Verification (KBV) and a selfie is not required.


This solution adheres to high-assurance digital identity guidelines set forth by the U.S. federal government. Using guidelines established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), users can verify their identity via self-serve or video chat pathway.

For admins

To use a digital identity provider with Acrobat Sign, a customer must have a license entitlement to the provider’s services. Please review the Digital Identity Gateway documentation for more information on how to set up a digital identity provider for use with Acrobat Sign in your organization.


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