Adobe General Terms of Use: Timing and Process

We’re making Terms of Use changes so we can improve the ways your users and organization can store, manage, secure, and collaborate on creative projects in the future. You can preview the full version of the revised Terms of Use here. We’re clarifying that content stored in Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise storage may be accessed and controlled by the Business (i.e., an organization, such as a business, government entity, or educational institution) providing the teams or enterprise plan.

In the months after the updated Terms come into effect, we’re planning to launch a few product changes to improve Business control of content while increasing the flexibility of Creative Cloud storage usage among your team. Product updates may include new features in the Admin Console:

  • Making it easier for Businesses to reclaim assets stored in Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise storage when employees leave the organization.
  • Combining users’ storage capacity into pooled storage for the Business.
  • Providing an overview of the Business’s storage usage for each active user.

Common questions

The updated Terms go into effect April 16, 2020, and users will be prompted to accept the updated Terms in order to continue accessing the Creative Cloud apps and services.

The Terms of Use updates apply to all users with an Adobe ID account, which means:

  • All users on a Creative Cloud for teams plan.
  • Some users on a Creative Cloud for enterprise plan.

Users who only have Federated or Enterprise IDs on Creative Cloud for enterprise ETLA or VIP accounts, are excluded from the Terms of Use update and will not need to accept any updated Terms.

Prior to the acceptance of the updated Terms on April 16, 2020, we’ll send email communications to all teams and enterprise users affected by the changes (including administrators). The emails will outline the key Terms of Use changes related to Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise storage; and inform users that they may wish to move personal content out of the Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise storage prior to acceptance of the updated Terms, with instructions on how to do so.

Since you’re the administrator, we want to make sure you have the full context on the upcoming changes so you can effectively respond to any questions or concerns from your users. We also suggest that you proactively communicate to your team the importance of accepting the updated Terms.

When the updated Terms go into effect April 16, 2020, administrators will be also prompted to accept the updated Terms.

If users have concerns, they’re able to move their personal content out of Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise storage. Here’s an FAQ to learn more. In the unlikely case that most of their content is personal and they don’t want to move it out, they can change their email address (using a personal one) associated with their Adobe Account and request that you, the administrator, reassign their entitlement under a different business email address. In this case, it’s important to know that all their content will stay in their personal account, where they may not have a personal Creative Cloud plan. The new business account will be reassigned without any of their existing content.


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