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Accessibility for PDF documentation requires page content and annotations to be added to the PDF structure tree so screen readers can adequately understand and report the page content. This process is referred to as "tagging" and is only supported in Acrobat Sign when a properly tagged PDF is uploaded as the source document.

When an accessible document is uploaded and used as an agreement, the original document tagging is preserved and any content added to a field by a participant is also properly tagged, resulting in a fully accessible final document.


Acrobat Sign can not create an accessible PDF from a source document that is not already accessible. Acrobat Sign only ensures that existing tagging is preserved and that any content entered into a form field is tagged appropriately. It's beyond the scope of Acrobat Sign to produce a tagged document from a source document that isn't tagged when uploaded.

Accessible forms created with Acrobat Pro (Acroforms)

Adobe Acroforms can be built to support accessibility tagging. The process begins with a Microsoft Word document that is designed with accessibility in mind. The Word document is then converted into a PDF document which can accept any form fields required for collecting information from the recipients.

Create an accessible PDF document using Microsoft Word.

When designing your document:

  • Do not use tables for layout.
  • Use heading styles.
  • Use paragraph styles.
  • Use list styles.
  • Add Alt text to non-decorative Images.
    • Figures used to show form fields should be marked as decorative.

Remediate tagged PDF for full accessibility:

Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro and navigate to Tools > Action Wizard. Select Make Accessible from the Actions list.

Upload the accessible PDF into Acrobat Sign as a new template, or as a file in a discrete agreement.

  • If attaching the file to a discrete agreement, check the Preview & Add Signature Fields option to send the form to authoring.
  • If creating a template, the authoring environment loads automatically.
Once the authoring environment loads:

When the form is built to your satisfaction, Save the template or Send the form for signature.


To enable support for accessible PDFs, navigate to Account Settings > Global Settings > Accessible PDFs, check the Enable Tagged PDF Generation option, and Save the configuration.

Navigate to the accessible pdf controls


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