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Credit packs

Credit packs let you purchase assets on Adobe Stock in a flexible and cost-effective way. When you purchase a pack, you have one year to redeem your credits to license specific content such as premium images, videos, editorial images, and other asset types. Credit packs are similar to buying tokens at an arcade: you save money by buying a stack of tokens, and then different games cost different numbers of tokens.

Credit packs range in size from 5 credits to 500 credits. They’re universal; meaning that they can be applied toward the purchase of any content on Adobe Stock, including standard assets. However, if you’re mostly interested in standard images, standard templates, or standard 3D assets, a subscription is recommended since it provides you substantial cost savings. You can have both credit packs and a subscription, or either of the two.

By purchasing an Adobe Stock credit pack, you give yourself flexibility while still enjoying cost savings over buying assets one at a time. You get a specific number of credits, which you can redeem for any asset on Adobe Stock. Different assets have different credit costs, which are clearly stated in the search results.

Credits can be used to license any content on Adobe Stock. Different asset types have different credit costs. If you want many standard images, standard templates, or standard 3D assets, you can buy a standard subscription.

By buying an Adobe Stock subscription, you get a great deal on the price of licenses for standard assets. You get a specific number of standard licenses per month, which you can use right away or roll over to the subsequent months.

Your Adobe Stock subscription includes all standard images, standard 3D assets, and standard templates. It doesn’t include premium content such as premium images, premium templates, premium 3D assets, editorial images, videos, or extended licenses. You can purchase those separately, on an as-needed basis or using credit packs.

You can purchase a subscription, a credit pack, or both. Subscriptions are designed for customers who need many standard images, templates, or 3D assets, as subscriptions offer the largest savings (up to 90% off). Credit packs are designed for customers who need many extended licenses, videos, or other premium assets.

  • Log on to the Adobe Stock plans page for the options to purchase a credit pack.
  • VIP customers can contact their Authorized Reseller or Adobe Sales.

Unused credits expire after one year from date of purchase. There is an exception in Japan, where credits expire after six months.

You can purchase a new credit pack or buy asset licenses as you need them.

Standard licenses allow you to use the licensed image perpetually, but your print runs can’t exceed 500,000 and you can’t use the image in any items you’re going to sell. For example, you can’t print the image on a coffee mug to sell. The print run limit doesn’t apply when the image is only for display on websites, social media, or mobile applications.

If you need large print runs or you're using the asset in resale, you need to purchase an extended license. Extended licenses are not included in subscription plans, but you can redeem credit packs toward extended licenses.


Extended licenses are not available for premium content.

No. After you license an asset, you’re free to use it however you want. However, there are several benefits to using Adobe Stock with Adobe Creative Cloud apps, such as the ability to manipulate previews in Adobe Photoshop CC before completing a purchase. For details, see Using Adobe Stock.

Yes. You can purchase credit packs on the Adobe Stock website and then search for and license Stock from within your favorite Creative Cloud apps.

Yes. The larger the credit pack size, the greater is your cost savings. A pack of 500 credits gives you 15% savings compared to purchasing assets one at a time.


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