Certain FLV not displayed in share pod

Some FLVs don't appear in the Share pod

Solution: Start playing at the zero point

Once initialized then we can seek to any point and it will behave just fine.

Additional information


  1. Share an FLV in a share pod.
  2. Stop sharing (without viewing it completely).
  3. Share the FLV again from the share history. The video play bar progresses, but the Video and audio don't play.

This issue can happen when the FLV encoded was in H264. This format has a limitation in that unless intialized from beginning, it doesn't render video (and audio) frames. If you share it after it's been recently shared, it is not initialized from beginning. Instead, it tries to play from the last cue point, which causes this issue.

The issue is not present in VP6 encoded FLV files.


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