Adobe Connect 9.2 Add-in


This article applies to Adobe Connect versions that supports Adobe Connect add-in. Starting Nov 2017, Adobe introduced the new Adobe Connect application for desktop that replaces the old Adobe Connect add-in for Adobe Connect version 9.x and later. If you are on Adobe Connect version 8 or earlier, you can continue to use Adobe Connect add-in.

The latest version of Adobe Connect Add-in is 11.9.966.0 for Windows and 11.9.959.0 for Mac OS.

Adobe Connect Add-in is needed for functionality specific to meeting hosts and presenters on Windows and Mac OS. The minimum required version of the Add-in for Adobe Connect 9.2 update is 11.9.949.0 for both Windows and Mac OS. However, Adobe strongly recommends moving to the latest versions available.

You are asked to install the new add-in under the following circumstances:

  • You try to start or join 9.2 meeting for first time and have older version of the Add-in installed.
  • You start screen sharing, application sharing, or share PowerPoint (PPTX format) files, and don’t have the latest version of the Add-in installed.

The new Add-in is based on Flash Player 11.9. It provides better performance and security, besides fixing several known issues since the last forced version:

Issue tracking number

Issue description


Fixed in 11.9.949.0


Fixed issue where high CPU and memory usage was observed after Add-in update to 11.2.385.0


Reimplemented AS2 SSO APIs in AS3 to re-enable SSO support in the C9 Add-in


Fixed issue where screen shares running in full desktop mode are truncated.


Fixed issue in which Windows add-in crashes while screen share on particular resolution (1366 * 768).


Mac Add-in:  Fixed issue where while making recording offline, FLV file creation on Mac add-in was not paused while buffering.


Fixed issue where share dialog was being captured while sharing desktop on Win 8.


OSX 10.9: Fixed issue where user was unable to share apps or windows


Fixed in 11.9.959.0


Addin crashes on request control when Secure Desktop sharing.


Connect Meeting Addin randomly crashes for Hosts and Presenters


Fixed in 11.9.966.0


Fixed issue where visuals didn't show up in Offline FLV file recordings created from Windows 8


Fixed issue in which high CPU and memory usage using custom pods (rPhone and Vantage Point) on few machines

Instructions for manual installation


Click here to download Windows Add-in.

  1. Save the file when prompted; by default, it's saved in the Downloads folder.
  2. Open the Downloads folder and open to extract the package (the package name is setup.exe).
  3. Open setup.exe to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the installer prompts to install the Add-In.

Mac OS

Click here to download the Mac Add-in.

  1. Save the file when prompted; by default, it's saved in the Downloads folder.
  2. Open the Downloads folder and open ac_addin_mac_959.z to extract the package (the package name is adobeconnectaddin-installer.pkg).


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