Manage Adobe profiles

If you have multiple Adobe plans associated with the same email address and at least one is a business plan, Adobe creates separate profiles for each plan and gives each profile dedicated storage.


Learn how to select the appropriate accounts and profiles when signing in to your company or school account:

Watch this video to learn about Business IDs, enterprise storage, and Adobe profiles.

Note: The video is currently only available in English.

Which profile should I choose, Business or Personal?

In order to easily work and organize content across your business and individual plans, you’ll be able to select a profile — Business or Personal — at sign-in, and then proceed to create and store your content. This improves the way you and your businesses store, manage, and securely collaborate on creative projects.

Select a profile at sign-in

Choose the appropriate Business Profile in the following cases:

  • To access Adobe business plan provided to you by an organization, for example Adobe Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise, Adobe Acrobat for teams or enterprise, or Experience Cloud.
  • To access your assets, if you have an individual and a business plan, and chose to move your assets to the Business Profile.
  • As an admin, if you need to sign into the Adobe Admin Console.

Choose the Personal Profile in the following cases:

  • Access Adobe plans for Individuals you or your organization might have purchased. For example, Photography plan.
  • To access your assets, if you have multiple business plans from different organizations.
  • Your assets may be in your personal profile, if your account was recently updated to Adobe's new storage model, and you have multiple business plans.
  • To access your Creative Cloud free membership benefits. For example, Fonts, which are not available with Document Cloud plans.
  • To redeem any existing Stock credits you may have purchased.
  • To access products such as Framemaker or Captivate that are not managed using the Adobe Admin Console.

Personal Profile are not available if you're using a School or Business account (Enterprise IDs or Federated IDs).

What are Business and Personal profiles?

Profiles improve the way you and your business store, manage, and securely collaborate on files stored in the cloud. When you sign into your account, in certain cases you may be prompted to select a profile (Business or Personal) to access your plan, work on cloud content, and collaborate with others.

Business Profiles

If you receive an Adobe business plan from an organization such as a business, government entity, or educational institution, then the Adobe profile associated with that plan is a Business Profile.

Content stored in Business Profiles may be accessed or controlled by the organization that provides the business plan. The content is only accessible by you and your plan administrator. It is not accessible to others on your team unless you share it with them.

Examples of business plans include Adobe Creative Cloud for teams or enterprise, Adobe Acrobat for teams or enterprise, Adobe Stock for teams, and Adobe Experience Cloud.


Personal Profiles

If you purchase an Adobe plan for individuals or sign up for a Creative Cloud free membership, then your Adobe profile is a Personal Profile. You maintain sole control over all the content in your Personal Profile.

Examples of individual plans include a Creative Cloud plan for individuals, a Creative Cloud free membership, or Acrobat Pro.


Only one Personal Profile is associated with an email address. 


To find out which plans you currently have under the same email address, view your Adobe account at

When are profiles set up?

Adobe profiles are set up when you have multiple Adobe plans (including at least one business plan) associated with the same email address. Multiple profiles are set up if one or more of the following cases applies to you:

  • You have a business plan in addition to an individual plan. In this case, two profiles are set up — one Business and one Personal.
  • You have multiple business plans provided by different organizations. In this case, a Business Profile is set up for each organization along with a Personal Profile.
  • You have administrative privileges to more than one organization on the Adobe Admin Console. For details, see Update to sign-in experience for admins.
  • Your organization uses a feature called Directory Trust. This typically happens when there's a conglomerate or a group or holding company. In this case, two Business Profiles are set up — one each for the main and trustee organizations.

For more information, see Introduction to profiles.


For a Creative Cloud for teams or Adobe Document Cloud for teams plan, if you're the contract owner and the administrator of that account, you'll have one Personal Profile and one Business Profile. See how to Manage your teams account.

How can I switch between profiles?

If you want to switch profiles, sign out and sign back in. After entering your credentials, the Profile chooser will display. Select the profile of your choice.

Sign out from the account

Can I select a profile automatically?

When you sign in, Adobe filters the list of profiles to the most appropriate ones. In case there's only one applicable profile for the app or service you’re trying to sign-in to that profile is chosen automatically.

However, if you have a Personal Profile and one or more Business Profiles, use the Automatic profile selection setting to exclude your Personal Profile during sign-in. So, if you only have one Business Profile, you won't be prompted to select a profile at sign-in.

This setting is turned on, by default, for users with a mix of Personal and Business Profiles. For other users, it's turned off, by default.

To turn automatic profile selection on or off, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your Adobe Account with your email and password.

  2. Go to Account and security > Sign-in and security.

  3. Turn off the Select my profile automatically option.

    Select default profile

How do I move assets across profiles?

In case you need to move your content from one profile to another, see Move content across profiles.


Content stored outside of Adobe cloud storage—such as on a hard disk, network storage, or other third-party cloud storage—is not impacted by profiles.

What if I don't want to work with Profiles at all?

Adobe creates profiles for you, if your authenticating email address is used for multiple Adobe plans. So, to ensure that you're never prompted with the Profile chooser, you'll need to have a distinct email address for each organization for which you have paid entitlement.


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