Access Google Drive files in Acrobat

You can easily access and store files from your Google Drive file storage account while working in Acrobat DC on your desktop.


Add your Google Drive account in Acrobat DC and access files

  1. Choose Home > Add an Account, and then click the Add button for Google Drive.

    Add Google Drive

  2. Your default browser opens, and displays the Sign In window.

    a.) Enter your Google email address and click Next.

    Sign in with your Google account

    b.) Enter your account's password and click Sign in.

    Sign in with your Google account

  3. Acrobat requests your permission to access and manage your Google Drive files in the browser window. Click Allow in the permission dialog box, and then click Allow in the confirmation dialog.

    Permission dialog to access files

    Confirmation dialog

  4. Your browser prompts you to go back to Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to complete adding your Google Drive account. Click Yes.

    Open Acrobat or Acrobat Reader
    An example of Acrobat prompt in the Edge browser

    The account is added in the left pane under the Files section, and the listing of files/folders is displayed in the right pane. Now all the actions specific to the selected file type are available for you from here, and also from a custom open/save dialog box.

    Your Google Drive files in Home View

Remove your Google Drive account from Acrobat DC

  1. In the Home view, click the Edit/Pencil icon next to Files.

    Edit button for online accounts

  2. Click the cross icon next to the account you want to remove, and then click Remove in the confirmation dialog box.

    Click the Cross icon to remove the account

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