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Behaviors in Character Animator

New Starter mode is now available! 

Character Animator 22.5 (released June 2022) introduces Starter mode to get you started animating now without any prior experience. Update now to the latest version to try this out.

Read on to see the Behaviors that you can apply to control your puppet and bring them to life. Here they are categorized by their function or the way they can control a puppet’s layer structure or appearance.

Watch this video for a quick introduction to the various Behaviors you can apply to your puppet.

Body: directly controlled


Control bending and lengths of arms and legs.

Limb IK

Control bending and lengths of arms and legs.


Control a region of a puppet by dragging with the mouse or by touch. This behavior is available by default.

Eye Gaze

Control eye pupil movement separate from the rest of the face. This behavior is available by default.


Control head, eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth with a webcam. This behavior is available by default.


Control your puppet's arms, torso, and legs using your webcam.

Head & Body Turner

Switch between groups as you turn your head and body.

Lip Sync

Control a puppet's mouth with your voice. This behavior is available by default.

Nutcracker Jaw

Control the lower jaw of your puppet with your face or voice.


Make a character walk, moving the legs and swinging the arms.

Body: auto-animating

Auto Blink

Simulate eyelid blinking or layer flickering.

Motion Library

Animate your puppet quickly by choosing motion from a library of 350+ full-body character animations.


Simulate breathing in your puppet.


Make vector artwork wiggle.

Layer swapping

Cycle Layers

Displays layers of a group in order.

Layer Picker

Display or trigger a specific layer of a group. 

Motion Trigger

 Switch between layers based on the directional movement of the group’s parent mesh.

Physical simulations


Make different parts of a puppet or different puppets to connect to each other as they get close. 

Motion Lines

Draw lines behind a fast-moving object to accentuate its movement.


Continually emit objects with velocity and affected by physics such as snowfall or a cannon.



Dangle an object to make it sway, or allow objects to collide with each other. Allow objects to be affected by physical forces, like gravity and wind. This behavior is available by default.



Fade a layer on and off via trigger. 

Handle Fixer

Prevent movement in a puppet’s mesh. This behavior is available by default.



Translate, scale, and rotate handles of a puppet and adjust opacity. This behavior is available by default.


Show different parts of a puppet by pressing keys. This behavior is available by default.

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in our Character Animator community forum. We would love to hear from you.

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