Smooth skin automatically

Make people look their best with automatic skin smoothing in portraits.

Here's how:

  1. Open a photo in Photoshop Elements.

  2. Choose Enhance > Smooth Skin

  3. In the Smooth Skin dialog box, the face in your photo is automatically selected.

    If the photo includes more than one face, all detected faces are highlighted. Click the face you'd like to adjust.

    Smooth Skin

  4. Drag the Smoothness slider to achieve the effect you want. 

  5. (Optional) Use the Before/After toggle button to review the changes.

  6. (Optional) Click Reset to return to the unedited photo.

  7. Once you're happy with the result, click OK.

Smooth skin - Before
Smooth skin - After

Move the slider to see the Before and After effects of Smooth Skin.


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