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About Neural Filters

Neural Filters is a new workspace in Photoshop with a library of filters that dramatically reduces difficult workflows to just a few clicks using machine learning powered by Adobe Sensei. Neural Filters is a tool that empowers you to try non-destructive, generative filters and explore creative ideas in seconds. Neural Filters helps you improve your images by generating new contextual pixels that are not actually present in your original image. 

Original image 

Original image
The original image with no filters applied.

Smile created using Liquify 

Edited using Liquify
Liquify uses existing pixels from the image to adjust the smile.

Smile generated by Neural Filters

Adjusted using Filter Studio
Neural Filters generates new pixels to adjust the smile.


To see the list of all Neural filters currently available for use and learn more about them, see Neural Filters list and FAQ.

Using Neural Filters

To get started, download filters from the cloud and start editing. You can find both featured and beta filters in the Neural Filters panel by clicking Filter > Neural Filters.

Inside the Neural Filters panel, you can now find all of your Neural Filters, whether featured or beta, in one place. Choose Filter > Neural Filters and select the All Filters tab. You can even cast your vote for filters you would like to see implemented in the future.

Also, you can see a list of Neural Filters that are planned for upcoming releases under Wait List in the Neural Filters panel.

Improved Neural Filters
Find all your featured and beta neural filters under Neural Filters > All Filters

Follow these three easy steps to start working with Neural Filters in Photoshop:

  1. Access Neural Filters

    Navigate to Filter > Neural Filters. In the Neural Filter panel that opens, you can choose to work with any of the filters listed under All Filters.

    Neural Filters menu

  2. Download desired filters from the cloud

    Any filter that shows a cloud icon next to it will need to be downloaded from the cloud before you can use it the first time. Simply click on the cloud icon to download each filter you plan to use. 

    Filter types

  3. Enable and adjust the filter

    Turn on the filter and use the options in the panel on the right to create the desired effect.

    Toggle filter on


Portrait related filters will be grayed out if no faces are detected in the image.

Neural Filters categories

There are three categories of Neural Filters in Photoshop:

  • Featured: These are released filters. The outcomes of these filters meet high standards and comply with all legal and identity preservation and inclusion standards. To work with a featured neural filter, navigate to Filter > Neural Filters > All Filters > Featured and select one from the list.
  • Beta: These filters are available for testing. The machine learning models or workflows are still being improved. Feel free to use and test these filters knowing that the output may be unexpected. To work with a featured neural filter, navigate to Filter > Neural Filters > All Filters > Beta and select one from the list.
  • Wait List: These are filters that are not yet available but may be available in the near future. To explore what's coming, navigate to Filter > Neural Filters > Wait List and select anyone from the list to know more.
    Vote for your favorite filters by clicking on the filter name and then the I'm Interested button! 
Improved Neural Filters

Output options

Your resulting edits are saved as output in one of the following ways:

  • Current layer - Destructively apply filters onto the current layer.
  • New layer - Apply filters as a new layer
  • New layer masked - Apply filters as a new layer with a mask of the generated pixel output.
  • Smart filter - Convert the current layer to a Smart Object and apply filters as an editable smart filter.
  • New document - Output filters as a new photoshop document.
Output options

Additional features

Preview changes

To toggle between the before and after preview for each filter, click on the preview mode icon in the lower left corner of the gallery.

Toggle preview


To reset the effect of any filter to its initial values, click on the icon near the upper right corner of the gallery.



Help us improve Neural Filter by sharing your feedback.

Neural Filters uses machine learning technology and the feedback you provide when encountering issues is incredibly important in helping us optimize the filters to allow you to produce the best results with your photo editing.

To learn more about sharing feedback on neural filters, check out Neural Filters feedback.

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