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With the May 2022 release of Photoshop 23.3.2, we provide fixes to customer-reported issues and performance enhancements. For details, see Fixed issues.

Also, for checking the full list of supported cameras and lenses, see Supported camera models and Supported lenses.

Learn about new features and enhancements in the April 2022 release of Photoshop desktop (version 23.3)

Copy-paste text layer from Illustrator

With this release, we are happy to let you know that the copy-paste support for Illustrator text layers just got improved in Photoshop.

Previously, when a type layer was copy-pasted from Illustrator to Photoshop via Layers option in Paste Dialog, it was rasterized and the functional fidelity was not maintained which made editing of text layers in Photoshop difficult.

You can now easily move text layers from Illustrator with different typographic properties and paste them into Photoshop as editable text layers while maintaining both functional and visual fidelity.

To learn more about Illustrator and Photoshop inter-operability and associated known issues, check out:

Edge enhancement in Sky Replacement

With this enhancement, we have improved the quality along the edges of objects in Sky Replacement. The contrast between the foreground and background around the thin line objects is better preserved, while the halo artifacts are also reduced when replacing a bright sky with a darker sky or vice versa. To achieve this quality improvement, a new layer group is introduced in the layer stack of the sky replacement result, which includes two adjustment layers and a less smooth mask than the compositing mask.

Edge enhancement in sky replacement

Use the new Edge Lighting slider in the Sky Replacement dialog to control the lighting adjustments applied to the object edges in your sky images. Larger values provide higher contrast while reducing more halos along the edges. A new layer group called the Edge Lighting Group is added to the layer stack of the sky replacement result. All the rest of the layers remains the same.

To learn more, check out Replace the sky in your photos.

Other changes and enhancements

Multithreaded and GPU compositing

With the April 2022 release of Photoshop 23.3, you can now use Multithreaded and GPU compositing options to speed up your workflows. To activate multithreaded compositing, go to Preferences > Performance and enable the Multithreaded compositing option You don't need to restart Photoshop for this change to take effect. 

Multi-threaded compositing

GPU compositing can only be used if Photoshop properly detects your GPU on startup. To confirm this, go to Preferences > Performance, and verify that your GPU is listed in the section titled Graphics Processor Setting with a checkmark next to Use Graphics Processor.

To find the checkbox to turn GPU compositing on or off, click the Advanced Settings... button. 

GPU compositing

To learn more, check out Optimize Photoshop performance.

Find your cloud documents in Recents

Go to Files > Your files in the app home screen on your desktop to view your cloud documents. Cloud documents owned by you and accessed or shared with you recently will also show up under Recents in the app home screen.

Photoshop Home screen
Photoshop Home screen

Preference improvement for saving new documents

Some of you will be able to see a potential update to the save workflow that you know today as we roll out the changes gradually to everyone. With this update, when you select Save As on a new document, you will see the cloud document picker dialog so you can save your files to Creative Cloud. Like today, you can still decide to save locally on your computer. 

To revert to the existing 'Save As' behavior, you can select the Default File Location as On your computer to see the local path while creating new documents from any of the below locations:

  • Windows: Edit > Preferences > File Handling
  • macOS: Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling
Save As File Location preference

Removal of Camera Shake Reduction

With the April release of Photoshop 23.3, Camera Shake Reduction (Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction) will be removed. The technology is not compatible with newer development platforms.

To learn more, see Reduce camera shake blurring.

Removal of Quick Share 

With the April release of Photoshop 23.3, Quick Share will be removed due to low usage, desire to simplify the options bar UI, and redundant functionality to other export functions.

To learn more, see Quickly share your creations.

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles below:

Fixed customer-reported issues

For detailed information, see Fixed issues in Photoshop.

Known Issues

For detailed information, see Known issues in Photoshop.

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