Importing media through Embedded Elements Organizer

You can import media (photos, videos, and audio) in Elements Organizer to the Adobe Premiere Elements Editor workspace. You can import media present in a catalog to PRE workspace. However, the media that has been organized into albums in Elements Organizer appears as local albums in the Embedded Elements Organizer. The Embedded Elements Organizer or Embedded EO enables you to add media to the timeline directly. You can access the Embedded EO option from the Add Media drop-down list.


The creation and deletion of albums is not possible in Embedded EO.

Accessing media through Embedded EO

You can now access the albums created in Elements Organizer from PRE Editor worskpace itself. There is an Embedded Elements Organizer option present under Add Media that enables access to EO albums. To import media through Elements Organizer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add Media > Elements Organizer.

  2. Click Local Albums. The albums created in Elements Organizer are displayed nder Local Albums. Click on an Album to display the media present under that album in Embedded EO.You can click again on the album to deselect it, this refreshes the media visible in Embedded EO and displays all the media available in the Elements Organizer catalog.


    Click on the Show Still Image icon if nothing is displayed in Embedded EO.

  3. Double-click on a video or audio file to preview it in the Source Monitor.

  4. Click on a file to select it. Click Add Files to add it to the timeline.

    You can select multiple files and add them to the timeline. Also, you can drag and drop media from the Embedded EO to specific points in the video on the timeline.

  5. Click Done once you are through adding the files to exit Embedded EO.

Working with files in the Embedded EO

You can perform various tasks on your files in the Embedded EO panel. Click Add Media > Elements Organizer to access this panel. You can perform the following tasks in this panel:

Embedded EO workspace

Embedded EO is primarily a workspace to view the media files present in Elements Organizer. You can view, sort, and import media from here. You can resize the Embedded EO window. The resizing is not retained once you exit the application. However, the following three are important part of the Embedded EO option:

A. Back button

Click Back to return to the Add Media options.

B. Local Albums

Click Local Albums to view the media in the Elements Organizer catalog. Click an album to view the media present in that album.

C. Previous and Next button

Click the previous or next button to move through the displayed media.


You can view upto 1000 files in Embedded EO.

Embedded EO panel buttons

A. Search content

Click this icon to open a text box. Enter the search criteria and press Enter to search for a specific media file. This is not a live search so must press Enter after entering your search criteria.

B. Show Video

Click this icon to view video files only.

C. Show Audio

Click this icon to view audio files only.

D. Show Still Image

Click this icon to view photos only.

E. Select order

Click this to sort the files by date or the batches in which they were imported. You can sort the photos in the following ways:

  • Newest/Oldest first: Sorts the files by creation date. Default order of display in Embedded EO is newest first.
  • Import batch: Sorts the files according to the batches in which they were imported. The rendition vidoes are not visible when files are sorted by the Import batch option.


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