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Use fonts from Adobe Fonts

Learn how to add thousands of fonts to Adobe Premiere Rush so you can use them in your desktop apps and on websites.

A paid Premiere Rush subscription includes Adobe Fonts, which offers thousands of fonts from hundreds of type foundries. You can activate the fonts you want and add them to use in Premiere Rush.

Add fonts

  1. Double-click the text in the timeline panel to open the Titles panel.

  2. In the Font list of the Titles panel, click the Creative Cloud icon next to Add Adobe Fonts.

    Add fonts from Adobe Fonts
    Add fonts from Adobe Fonts

    Premiere Rush takes you to the Adobe Fonts website.

  3. Select the desired fonts and click Activate.

    The Creative Cloud desktop app initiates the process and activates the fonts on your computer, making them available in the Fonts menu in Premiere Rush.


    You can use filters so that only fonts from the Adobe Fonts library or your favorite fonts are displayed.

    • To view only the fonts from Adobe Fonts that are activated to your computer, click the Creative Cloud icon. 
    • To view only the fonts that you have marked as a favorite, click the Star icon.


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