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The Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps offer significant benefits to creatives as they go about their daily lives.

Many enterprises use an MDM provider to make applications available to their end users.

The Creative Cloud mobile apps are offered for free on both Android and Apple app stores. This means that they can be deployed in the same manner as you would deploy any other free mobile app via your chosen MDM.

When the app is installed to the mobile device the end user is requested to sign in with their Creative Cloud account credentials. This will then license the application and enable sharing between the mobile and desktop apps.

While every MDM should be able to support the deployment of the Creative Cloud mobile apps, we have documented the steps for some of the most common MDM providers.



You can find instructions for uploading a free Public App from several locations within AirWatch

Option 1 – Open Help page from Admin Console

Option 2 – Access the Mobile Application Management guide from the AirWatch URL: (requires login)

Admin console
  1. In the Add Application screen, select the platform and the name of the app searching for Adobe Photoshop Mix (for iOS).


    Add Application screen
  2. Search results for the PS Mix app. Click Select to proceed.

    Click Select to proceed
  3. In the Add Application dialog, an administrator can define the settings (for example, Deploying the app to a specific group of employees).

    Add Application settings

Microsoft Intune

  1. Log in to the admin portal:

  2. Click Add App.

    Click Add App
  3. If you are prompted, install the plug-in.

    Install the plug-in
  4. When the installation is complete, choose to add software.

    Choose add software
  5. Specify the deep link to Adobe Photoshop Mix in the iTunes application store.

    Specify the URL
  6. Complete the descriptive information.

    Complete the descriptive information
  7. Choose the platforms the software can be installed on.

    Choose the platforms
  8. Check that all the information is complete and then click Upload.

  9. When the data upload is complete, click Close.

    Data upload is complete
  10. You can verify that the app is installed by searching in the Apps tab of the Microsoft Intune dialog.

    Verify that the app is installed

    Follow the instructions under “Deploy mobile device apps” under to deploy the application to your users.



  1. Open the Filewave Admin console and select New Mobile Fileset.

    Select New Mobile Fileset
  2. Search for the app (such as for Adobe Premiere Clip), select the app name in the list, and then click Create Fileset. 

    Click Create Fileset

    After a fileset is created, you can see the details of the filesets in the Fileset Name dialog.

    Details dialog box
  3. Configure any additional options for the application that you require, and click OK. 

Casper Suite

  1. Log in to the JSS with a web browser.

  2. Click Mobile Devices at the top of the page.

  3. Click Apps. On a smartphone or iPod touch, this option is in the pop-up menu.

  4. Click New.

    Click New
  5. Select App Store app and click Next.

    Select App store app, click next
  6. In the Search field, enter “Adobe Photoshop Mix.”

  7. Choose the App Store country, and click Next.

    Choose the App Store country, click Next
  8. Click Add next to Adobe Photoshop Mix.

    Click Add next to Adobe Photoshop Mix
  9. Choose a distribution method.

    Choose a distribution method
  10. Click the Scope tab and specify the mobile devices to which the app should be distributed.

    Click the Scope tab
  11. Click Save.

    The app is distributed the next time mobile devices in the scope contact the JSS.

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