Create custom brushes for your artwork

See how Alejandro Chavetta creates brushes from captured images with Adobe Capture CC and uses them in his sketches, on the go, with Photoshop Sketch. Then see how he sends his artwork to Photoshop CC to finish it up on the desktop. (Watch 2 min)
Read the tutorial. (Try it, 3 min)

Capture an image, create a custom brush, and use it in your sketches, on the go, with Adobe Capture CC and Photoshop Sketch on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then refine your artwork on the desktop with Photoshop CC.

  Capture CC for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone

   Capture CC for Android

  Photoshop Sketch for iPad and iPad Pro

Step 1 of 9 (Optional)

Copy Alejandro Chavetta's library to your Creative Cloud Libraries

If you want to re-create Alejandro Chavetta's brushes, open the Lucha collage Library. Click Save to Creative Cloud to create a copy of the library in your own account.

Once in your Creative Cloud Library, you can use these assets to create brushes with Capture CC. Then use your new custom brushes in Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator.

Note: You need to be signed into your Creative Cloud account to save the library. Get an Adobe ID if you don't have one.  

Creative Cloud Library

Step 2 of 9

Capture an image

Launch Capture CC, tap Brushes, then the + icon and point your camera at a drawing, texture or anything else that inspires you. Tap parts of the image, or use the slider to adjust the detail.

When you're done, tap the Capture button and adjust the crop to refine the capture. You can move the image around in the crop marks, or use two fingers to rotate it and tap Next.

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Adobe Capture CC on an iPhone. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Capture an image

Optional: If you want to re-create Alejandro's brush, tap the icon to the right of the green capture button. Tap the Creative Cloud option and choose the Library Assets drop down. Then select the Lucha collage library you copied in Step 1.

Choose Paint marks 2 and tap Open. Now, you can refine and crop the capture to create a new brush. 

Note: If you have setup an Adobe Stock account, Adobe Stock will appear as an additional Capture From option.

Create brush capture image

Step 3 of 9

Set brush style

In the Style section, you can choose from different preset styles to set the treatment you want for the brush. Scroll down this screen to see presets for Photoshop CC, Photoshop Sketch, or Illustrator CC. Tap the desired option and tap Next

You can test the brush style by drawing a few strokes. Or, tap Edit Brush to refine the brush further.


Set brush style

Step 4 of 9

Refine and save the brush

In Edit mode, tap Presets. In the Default section, use the Size slider to adjust the point size of the brush and the Flow slider to control how much color is laid down with each stroke. Adjust Color settings to set the brush to black and white or RGB color tones. Use the other menu
options—Style, Crop, Refine—to finetune your brush and create a unique stroke.

Tap Done, then Next when you're finished.

Give your brush a name like AJ Paint Splatter, choose the appropriate Creative Cloud Library and tap Save Brush. The new brush is saved to the selected Creative Cloud Library. 

Refine and save the brush

Step 5 of 9

Start a new project in Photoshop Sketch

Open Photoshop Sketch and tap the + to create a new project. Tap on the first canvas in the project.

Tap Images, the icon, My Files, and then Library Assets. Open the Lucha collage Library, select the Lucha Libre file and tap Open File. Tap Done when the file appears on the canvas.

Start a new project in Photoshop Sketch

Step 6 of 9

Add a shape with Touch Slide

Tap the Shapes icon, then tap the Circle icon to activate it. The Touch Slide digital ruler appears on your canvas. Pinch out to enlarge the circle and drag the two control points to position it in the center of the page.

Note: The Touch Slide tool is only available for the iPad.

Add a shape with Touch Slide

Step 7 of 9

Use your new custom brushes

Tap the Brushes tool at the top of the screen. Tap Change Library and select the Library where you stored your custom brushes from Capture CC.

Select the AJ Paint Splatter brush and trace a semi-circle around the Touch Slide.

You can select other brushes from your Library to add more brushstrokes to the image.

Use your new custom brushes

Step 8 of 9

Send to Photoshop

Tap the Send icon at the top of the screen and choose Send to Photoshop. A short time later your sketch will appear on your desktop.

Send to Photoshop

Step 9 of 9

Refine and print your artwork

This is a real Photoshop file so you can add or delete layers, and add a new background to complete your collage. When you're done, you can print your artwork to use as a poster. 

Refine and print your artwork

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Alejandro Chavetta

Alejandro is a San Francisco-based Designer and former Dwell Creative Director. He recently joined Shyp's brand team, and continues to work on his garage/studio on a daily basis. His career in publishing began at PlayStation magazine, where he was the Associate Art Director, and then moved on to become the Art Director of San Francisco magazine. Alejandro's collages have been exhibited in galleries in the US and Europe.