See how Kent State student Chad Lewis uses Capture to capture a color theme, applies it to a sketch on the go with Photoshop Sketch and brings his Marvel comic book layout to life in Photoshop.

Capture a color theme with Capture and bring your characters to life on the go with Photoshop Sketch. Then complete your comic book layout on the desktop with Photoshop.

Capture a color theme

Open Capture and tap Color. Tap + and point your camera at a drawing, a landscape, or anything else that inspires you. As you move the camera, the colors that will be part of the theme appear on the side of the screen. When you're happy with the theme, tap the Capture button.

Give your theme a name and tap Done. It's automatically saved to your default Creative Cloud library. 


Create a reference sketch

Open Photoshop Sketch and tap the + to create a new project. Tap the first canvas in the project. 

Tap the Pencil tool. Tap the color icon and choose a light blue color. 

Sketch out the basic lines of your character. This will help guide you as you add more detail later.

Add detail with the Pen tool

Tap and hold on the Pen tool icon. Adjust the size and opacity using the sliders, and tap Done when you're finished.

Add more detail to the image by drawing over the sketch, adjusting the size of the pen as needed. Use your strokes to highlight features and add depth to the image. This process is known as inking. 

Tip: You can undo a brushstroke by swiping to the left with two fingers. Redo by swiping to the right.

Add a color theme from your Creative Cloud libraries

Tap the Color icon, then the + and My Color. These are all the color themes you stored in your Creative Cloud libraries. Tap the theme you created earlier, and then the checkmark at the top of the dialog.

Apply color

Tap a color from your theme. Tap and hold either the Brush, Pen, Marker, or Brushes tool. Select Combine from the options so that the color overlays the pen marks as you paint, then tap Done. 

Add color to the sky and Thor, changing colors and tools as needed.

Tip: For more variation in your strokes, tap Brushes and tap an option from the App Brushes menu.

Send to Photoshop

Tap the Send To icon and choose Send to Photoshop. A short time later your image will appear on your desktop.

Complete your comic book layout

Your sketch is a real Photoshop file, so you can crop, re-color, or resize the image to fit into an existing comic book page layout. 

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