Organize pages in a PDF online

You can quickly rotate, move, delete, or renumber pages in a PDF online using the Organize Pages tool.

Organizing pages in a PDF


  1. Sign in to Acrobat Web at with your Adobe ID and password, or with your social (Facebook or Google) account.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Edit > Organize Pages.

    Choose Organize Pages

  3. Do one of the following to select the files that you want to organize and then click Continue:

    • Choose files from the Recent or Documents list.
    • Add files from your computer or drag-and-drop the files onto the highlighted area.
    • Choose files from your online storage accounts.
    Select a file from the Recents or Documents list

    Select a file from your computer

  4. To select more files, click Insert and then select the desired files from the Recent or Files list, or from your computer, and then click Continue.

    Add more files

  5. You can perform any of the following actions on the pages:

    • Drag the pages to rearrange.
    • Hover between two pages to get the option to add a PDF in between the pages.
      Click the (+) icon, and then select the desired file from the Recent or Files list, or from your computer, and then click Continue.
    • Hover over a page to get the options to:
      • Rotate page clockwise, or anti-clockwise.
      • Delete page.
    Hover over a page to get options
    Hover over a page to get options to rotate, or delete a page

    Add pages in between two pages
    Add pages in between two pages

  6. To save your changes, click Save. Acrobat prompts if you want to rename your file. Rename your file as desired and click Save.

    Save the organized PDF

  7. The PDF file is organized and open in the PDF viewer. 

    A copy of the organized PDF file is also stored in your Adobe Document Cloud account. The Recent section at the bottom area of the home page lists all the files you’ve organized recently. Alternatively, to see the list of all your files, click Documents in the top-menu bar.

Add a custom page to a PDF

You can add a custom page to your PDF using the integrated Adobe Express app, which offers thousands of templates to choose from while organizing pages in Acrobat online.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Edit > Organize Pages.

    Edit > Organize Pages

  2. The Organize Pages file explorer window opens. Choose an existing PDF from your RecentDocuments, your computer, or from your online storage account to which you want to add a new page, and then click Continue.

    Select a file

  3. On the Organize Pages toolbar, click Add custom page, and then click the + icon where you want to insert the new page.

    Add custom page

  4. A new window opens with page editing options powered by Adobe Express.

    Choose the template you want to use for your new page, and use the editing controls to change any colors or text to your liking. Once you have finished customizing the page, click Add to add the page to your PDF.

    Choose and add a template

  5. The new page is added to your PDF. Click Edit if you want to make additional changes to the new page. The editing panel opens. Click Save when you've finished. The updates appear in your PDF.

    Edit template

  6. To save your PDF, click Save. Acrobat prompts you to rename your file. Enter the desired name, and then click Save.

    Rename file, and save


    Once you save your PDF, you can't edit the added page by opening the Adobe Express app from Acrobat online.

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