Adobe RoboHelp 9.0.1 ReadMe

Welcome to Adobe RoboHelp 9.0.1 ReadMe. This document contains information about major changes that are included with this update.

The following major issues have been resolved in this update:

  1. RoboHelp does not recognize 64-bit Word installation in 64-bit mode
  2. Printed Documentation output doesn’t honor a CBT applied on a multilevel list if another Word Template list style overrides it
  3. CBTs get applied randomly in topic content on switching between the HTML view and the Design view in certain scenarios
  4. CBTs get removed from a UDV on inserting another UDV in the same paragraph
  5. Language and encoding options are saved only for WebHelp and AIR output
  6. While generating DUCC output, the Use Lowercase File Names option isn’t honored due to the different capitalization used in the ContentList.xml call in whtbar.js
  7. RoboHelp crashes on generating output if the project has PDF baggage files with invalid font information
  8. RoboHelp crashes on accessing the TOC or Index pod after loading a workspace
  9. Non-UTF-8 and high ASCII characters get corrupted in the WebHelp output for topics created or edited outside RoboHelp
  10. ePub output does not show the TOC if the RoboHelp project name has spaces
  11. Duplicate content appears in the ePub output in the case of certain TOC references
  12. Duplicate index and glossary entries are shown in AIR Help output for merged projects
  13. TOC of a child project doesn’t appear in the merged browser-based AIR Help output
  14. Some of the list items are not temporarily shown in the Design editor on deleting any line that is not part of the paragraph list
  15. List gets duplicated in the source topic on accessing an invalid bookmark link to the same topic during preview
  16. Some of the links for resources aren’t properly maintained after importing comments from a PDF in the review workflow
  17. Search doesn’t find PDF baggage files in output generated through command-line compilation
  18. Search highlighting issues are found in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and AIR Help if the content has hard line breaks
  19. A span tag is introduced in the HTML view of topic content (with style and CBT applied) when you switch from the Design view
  20. Style mapping of FrameMaker content containing certain special characters in xrefs are not honored in RoboHelp
  21. Server settings in the Publish pane of the WebHelp Settings dialog are cleared when you make changes to another pane and not view the server settings after that



After installing the patch, copy the updated ePub Generator.jsx script from [InstallDir]/RoboHTML/presets/scripts/ to the following location:

  • On Windows XP: [USER]/Application Data/Adobe/RoboHTML/9.00/Scripts/Sample Scripts/
  • On Windows 7: [USER]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/RoboHTML/9.00/Scripts/Sample Scripts/

Note: Uninstalling Adobe RoboHelp 9 from Add/Remove Programs removes RoboHelp 9.0.1 also.


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