Error "Unable to move c:breeze to backup folder" | Upgrade | Connect 8


Adobe Connect 8 doesn't upgrade and the following message appears at the preinstallation summary screen: 

"Unable to move c:\breeze to backup folder. Please ensure there are no files locking the folder. If necessary, reboot the server."

pre-installation summary - backup failed



Perform these steps as a workaround: 

  1. Run the installer on the command line with following switches (start servers is optional):

    install.exe -DINSTALLER_PROCESSING=true -DCONFIGURE=true -DSTART_SERVERS=true (The install.exe is located under <drive>:\<folder>\Disk1\InstData\VM\)
  2. At the presummary dialog, move all the folder except the content and log folders to the backup folder
  3. Proceed to install Connect 8.





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