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Performance Monitoring Toolset provides end to end monitoring for a stand-alone ColdFusion Server or Group of ColdFusion Servers. It captures metrics at each step of CF Server processing and displays actionable data which helps user in monitoring CF Server. It is convenient and suitable for a stand-alone ColdFusion server.

Topology presents an overview of the architecture of the setup.

You can view a topology of all external services, databases, applications, instances, clusters, or sites.

To see the topology,

  1. Click Topology on the left navigation panel. You can see the following:

    Topology of sites
    Topology of sites


    Server view of topology.


    List of sites.


    List of ColdFusion instances.


    Data sources used.


    External services.

  2. To drill down to further details, click any node.

Node topology

Like the topology of servers, you can also check the topology of a node.

Topology of node
Topology of node

In the view, you can see how a node is connected with connectors and databases.

To drill down to further details, click any node.

Sites topology

You can see a high level view of each site that is part of a cluster of a node. You can also see the database that is connected to the site.

Topology of sites
Topology of sites

You can also check the health score of each instance. Click each instance and you can see the status.

You can also view the topology of individual sites. Click Sites and choose any site.

To drill down to more details, click any node.

Health status
Health status

The health is based on the following ranges:

  • 0-30 – Critical
  • >30 – 70 – Needs Attention
  • >70 – 100 - Normal

To know how the health score is calculated, see Health Score.

In the Topology view, the ART is calculated as the average ART of the individual nodes in a cluster.

In the Topology view, only External services, such as,   cffeed , cfhttp , and son on, are shown.

To drill down for more details, click any parameter. For example, if you click ART, you reach the ART Overview page for the selected instance.

The ART is different for a connector and a server.

Clicking individual health items ART, memory takes to the particular metric details for that instance, if they are a part of a cluster/group.

Tracked/Un-tracked servers

In Update 1 of Performance Monitoring Toolset, you can view both tracked and non-tracked servers in the Topology section.

In the topology, the nodes are color coded according to their current status.

Tracked and untracked servers
Tracked and untracked servers


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