Why does Adobe Acrobat need access to your Google account?

You can map your Google Drive account in Acrobat to save and access your files, or send a PDF file as an attachment using your Gmail or as a link to your Google contacts directly from within Acrobat. To do so, Acrobat needs access to your Google account. Acrobat uses information received from your Google account solely to show your contacts with whom you can share a link. See our Privacy Policy for more information about other information collected or used by Acrobat. App’s use of information received from Gmail APIs will adhere to Google's Limited Use Requirements.

When you add your Google account in Acrobat for the first time, Acrobat requests your permission to manage your files, your contacts, and manage drafts and send emails. Click Allow in both the permission dialog boxes, and then click Allow in the confirmation dialog.

Permission to create an email draft

Acrobat permission dialog to access Gmail contacts

Confirm your permission choices

Your default browser prompts you to go back to Acrobat to complete the send mail workflow, or the addition of Google Drive account workflow. Click Open Adobe Acrobat.

Open in Acrobat

Your Google Drive account is added in the left pane under the Files section in Acrobat. If you have configured your Gmail account to send a file, then a draft email is displayed in a new browser window. Enter the recipient's email addresses and send.

Your Google Drive files in Home View
Google Drive account added in Files section

Draft email window
Draft email window


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