Create PDF does not work, results in error | Firefox, Chrome

Create PDF feature causes an error

Create PDF from Firefox or Chrome does not work sometimes and results in an error:

  • Firefox: "Acrobat had an error converting to PDF"
  • Chrome: Conversion hangs with status "Downloading for conversion" after showing the Save As dialog box.

Solution: Make sure that Acrobat is activated

Try the following steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Ensure that your Acrobat is activated. For more information, see Learn to activate or deactivate Adobe applications.

  2. Open Acrobat, and create a PDF from any file (Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, or text).

  3. Try again to convert an HTML page to PDF from Firefox or Chrome.


The resolution steps should work. However, if you're still running into issues, report your problem to Adobe using the Feature Request/Bug Report Form.


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