Creative Cloud keeps a copy of every change you make to a file and sync through the Creative Cloud desktop app or the Creative Cloud Assets website. Adobe keeps these past versions on the servers for ten days. If you accidentally modify a file, or a collaborator overwrites something you did – you can get it back with a few easy clicks.

For more information about versioning, see the following frequently asked questions.

To see the versions saved for a given file, go to the Your Work section of Creative Cloud website and sign in. Navigate to the file you’re interested in. To view the file details, click the file. There you can view all comments and versions for the file.

Select file

To view all previous versions of the file, click the Version icon .

File versions

When you choose to restore a past file version, it is copied to the top of your version history. This way, none of the other revisions are deleted that you have in the list. The restored version becomes your new current version, and your former current version moves to the first revision in the list. The Creative Cloud desktop syncs the new current version to your computer or mobile device so you can begin working with it.

Creative Cloud only retains ten days of past versions, so it probably aged out. After ten days, Adobe deletes the past versions from the servers. If you know that a version is going to be important, make a copy of the current file you’re working on and save it with a new name. Then restore the original file back to the revision you care about. This way both copies become their own unique file that is not deleted automatically.

It’s easy to fix. Simply choose the file you want to be working with from the list. Most likely, this is the first version under Current version. Then simply restore your file again from that version.

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