Find launch log files | CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5

You can use launch log files to troubleshoot problems with launching Creative Suite (CS) and Creative Cloud (CC) products. All CS and CC products use shared technologies that handle EULA acceptance, activation, registration, Adobe ID sign-in, and trial workflows.

Log files

  • PDApp.log – Contains calls between the launch components.
  • Oobelib.log – Contains the actions that you took in the user interface during the launch process.
  • Amt3.log – Contains licensing-related information.

Log file locations

Windows XP

  • \Documents and Settings\<current user>\Local\Application Data\temp

Windows Vista, 7, or 8

  • \Users\<current user>\AppData\Local\temp

Mac OS

  • amt3.log and oobelib.log: /tmp (for Creative Cloud products released in 2013 and earlier)
  • amt3.log and oobelib.log: /Users/<current user>/Library/Logs (for Creative Cloud products released in 2014 and later)
  • PDapp.log: /Users/<current user>/Library/Logs
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