Unable to launch Elements on macOS 10.14 or earlier versions

If you're unable to launch Adobe Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, or Elements Organizer on macOS 10.14 or earlier versions, learn how to solve this issue.


Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor, Adobe Premiere Elements Editor, or Elements Organizer does not launch on macOS 10.14 or earlier versions.


Disable 64-bit only mode in macOS 10.14 or earlier versions

To fix the issue, you can disable the 64-bit only mode on your Mac machine. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Terminal on your machine and enter the following command string:

    sudo nvram boot-args=""

  2. Press Return, restart your machine, and launch Elements.


    When you disable the 64-bit only mode, your machine will run 32-bit apps with a warning about future compatibility and performance.


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