Can't access applications after being added to domain

Issue: Some users are unable to access Adobe Creative Cloud applications after being added to a claimed domain

After you claim a domain and enter the Adobe IDs of users that you want to add to your Creative Cloud for enterprise account, some of those users can't access the applications they are entitled to install. 

Solutions: Resolve Adobe ID conflicts and complete the user profile

This issue can occur when a user already has an Adobe ID that conflicts with the email address that the domain uses, or if the user's Adobe ID profile is incomplete. 

Solution 1: Resolve Adobe ID conflict

If a user already has an Adobe ID assigned to the same email address that the IT Admin has assigned to his Enterprise ID, he has to change his Adobe ID to another address. 

Example: Jeff works for Generic Corp. He previously had an Adobe ID assigned to that was associated with a Creative Cloud individual account. Now that Generic Corp has upgraded to an Enterprise account, the IT Admin assigns an Enterprise ID to in the Enterprise Admin Portal. When Jeff logs in however, he still sees his old account and doesn't have access to the Enterprise account. To resolve this, Jeff needs to change this Adobe ID to another email address. He changes his Adobe ID email address to, then logs out. When he logs back in to Adobe Creative Cloud, he uses his corporate email account (, and now has access to the Creative Cloud for Enterprise account.

In some cases, the Admin may need to resend the Creative Cloud for enterprise invitation email. See Manage user groups for instructions for sending that email.

Solution 2: Complete your profile

The following issue can occur if a user has not provided country information in his profile. The user receives an error when attempting to access a Creative Cloud application: 

Error: There was an error with this action. Try again later.

When a user is assigned an Enterprise ID, he receives an email confirmation, with a link to complete his profile. If the user did not get the email or cannot find it, the IT Admin needs to remove his Enterprise ID, then re-add him. This step triggers a new confirmation email.

If you have tried the solutions above and your users are still unable to access Creative Cloud applications, contact Adobe Enterprise Support.


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