InDesign CC 9.2.2 Release Notes

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Resolved issues

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  • Images in the PNG format are not drawn correctly. (#3704220)
  • Discrepancy in Keyboard shortcuts on Mac OSX. (#3712363)
  • Crash on dropping drag-drop of a master page to none spread. (#3545728)
  • Focus does not go to page when page is navigated from document bar. (#3600704)
  • Generate Index dialog: "Include Book Documents" checkbox is disabled if the name of book contains double byte characters. (#3641328)
  • InDesign Crashes on opening a particular file. (#3646282)
  • InDesign CC Mac crashes on placing particular EPS file on a frame. (#3626328)
  • SDK: Conflict while using IToolTip for EPS page objects on InDesign CC. (#3677624)
  • SDK: project include dependency on private header. (#3708982)
  • InDesign Crashes on Book export to PDF with ToC. (#3690020)
  • Copy/Paste keyborad shortcuts not working for flash based panels on Windows. (#3691598)
  • Enter Key not closing dialog having multiline text. (#3721069)
  • InDesign crashes on opening certain book files. (#3735269)
  • SDK: Changing font dynamically doesn't work for edit box. (#3736981)
  • InDesign crashes when increasing height of text frame. (#3739365)
  • InDesign hangs when resizing anchored graphic frames. (#3739369)  
  • Inline image in foot note disappears for few seconds when we input some characters in foot note after applying inner shadow to that image. (#3739547)  
  • Deleting layout causes crash, if layout name is in inline edit mode. (#3739612)  
  • Missing EBookExport plugin warning when opening InDesign document. (#3741658)
  • Pages get misaligned on IDML export. (#3578118)  
  • Image does not fit to frame by frame fitting commands, after a frame resize. (#3641659)  
  • Double-clicking Zoom Tool does not set view to Actual Size (100%). (#3656264)
  • Diagonal arrow is not selecting the entire table on few occasions. (#3658903)  
  • Indent here doesn't work correctly in Japanese composers. (#3660846)  
  • Alignment attribute in cell style is not propagated when inserting a new column adjacent to the cell on which alignment is set. (#3665314)  
  • Crash filling Table with Graphic Frames using GREP. (#3671007)
  • Opt+Cmd+Tab shortcut to hide/show panels is not working. (#3673325)  
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly on pressing Undo when in the inline mode. (#3676673)  
  • MAC: While opening a CS6 document in InDesign CC, some text gets misaligned. (#3683021)  
  • Creating an Alternate layout crashes ID in a particular scenario. (#3685235)  
  • InDesign crashes on export to IDML for a particular file. (#3685444)
  • Ampersand is lost when used in the middle of any style name in several panels. (#3694076)  
  • Find format gives inaccurate results when we search character styles applied to text through "Nested Style". (#3697862)  
  • Inaccurate search results while performing find operation for Character Styles. (#3697866)  
  • Appearance of grouped images does not match in EPUB if the images have hyperlinks and Use Original Image is selected. (#3700466)
  • Drag and Drop from external applications not generating drag events in InDesign on MAC. (#3710667)
  • Paragraph Style can't be deleted if inherited father style have same setting when output as IDML. (#3718431)
  • EPUB validation fails in case a font fails to embed as it is still being referenced in the CSS. (#3726073)
  • Creating an offline folio from InDesign files on the desktop takes at least 10 times longer in InDesign CC than it does in InDesign CS6. (#3727633)  


  • Error "Cannot open the file as it is being used in some other application" when opening the InDesign file in InCopy which is already open in InDesign. (#3739577)
  • Missing focus in InCopy CC after File->New in layout mode. (#3739619)

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