Update PayPal details for your Adobe account

Learn how to update the PayPal details for your Adobe account so you never fall behind on your payments.

How to update PayPal payment details or switch PayPal accounts

 Payment by PayPal is not supported in Japan.

  1. Which of the following screens do you see? Follow the steps according to the screen you see.

    Edit billing and payment details

    If you see this screen, select Edit billing and payment.

    Select Manage plan

    If you see this screen:

    a) Select Manage plan.

    b) In the next screen, select Manage payment.

  2. In the Manage payment method window, select Edit.

    Select Edit

  3. Select an option to either edit or switch PayPal accounts.

    Edit or switch PayPal payment method

    You are directed to the PayPal website.

  4. On the PayPal website, make your changes. Once you save them, you are directed back to your Adobe account.

     Need help updating your PayPal address? See How do I add, change, or remove a street address on my PayPal account? For general questions, visit the PayPal Help Center.

  5. To save your changes, select Save.

How to change PayPal payment details for a teams plan

Sign in to the Admin Console to change the payment details. For more information, see Learn more.

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