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Fix a failed or missed payment

Learn how to reinitiate a payment if it failed or if you missed it.

How long do I have to fix a payment?

Your subscription may be suspended if your payment isn’t received within 30 days after the payment due date. While your account is suspended, you won’t have access to your products and services. Adobe may make multiple attempts to charge your payment method(s) for the payment amount owed.

How to retry your payment or update your payment info

If your card details or billing info has changed, you can update that information. Adobe will try your payment with the new information.

  1. Select Edit billing and payment.

    Edit billing and payment details

  2. In the pop-up screen, select one of the following:

    • Add new: Lets you pay with a new card.
    • Edit: Updates your card details or reinitiates payment with the same card.
    • Retry (if available): Reinitiates your payment with your existing card. In this case, you can skip step 4.
    Update payment details
    Select Add new to add a new card or Edit to update payment details

  3. Do one of the following:

    Add new card details

    To add a new card, update the necessary details. Then select Save.

    Update payment info
    Update your new card

    Edit your card details to reinitiate your payment

    To retry payment with the same card, delete your card number and retype it. Then select Save.

    Update payment info
    Delete and retype card number

    Want to switch from credit card to PayPal? Learn how to easily switch between credit card and PayPal

    Using a corporate card?
    Be sure you’re using the name and billing address of the cardholder, not your own. To verify the correct name and billing address, check with the cardholder or your accounting department.

Video: How to retry your payment or update your payment info

How to verify that your payment went through

It can take up to 24 hours for your payment to post to your account.

  1. Under Orders and invoices, select View invoices to see the order number for the membership plan.

    Select view invoices

  2. Check if your payment went through.

    Verify payment details

Still having trouble?

If your payment is still failing, contact your payment provider directly. You may have unexpectedly hit your credit limit or had a hold put on your account for fraud protection. Once the issue is fixed, Adobe reprocesses your payment automatically.

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