Offline activation of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements 2019

To activate Elements 2019 offline, follow these steps:

  1. Once you launch the application, click I Agree to start the trial period of 30 days.

    Sign in to Adobe Photoshop Elements

  2. Click License This Software to begin the activation.

    Start trial of Photoshop Elements 2019

    • If you click Start Trial, you can use the application for 30 days until you enter a serial key from License This Software.
    • After you enter the serial key in offline mode, it is necessary to activate the product within 7 days. This can be done by either connecting to the Internet or follow the below steps.
    • If you click License This Software and do not have an active Internet connection within 7 days, click Go Back and click Start Trial to start your trial.
    • If you were using the 30 days trial and the trial has expired, click License This Software and follow the below steps to activate the application offline.
  3. Click Enter Serial Number.

    Enter Serial Number

  4. Enter the serial number that you received with the product and click Next.

    Enter the serial number that you received with the product

  5. Click I Agree.

    Sign in

  6. If you receive the Welcome to Photoshop Elements dialog box, click OK. Otherwise the application launches after Step 5.

    Welcome screen of Photoshop Elements

  7. Close and relaunch the application. In the Sign In Required dialog box, click Having trouble connecting to the internet?

    Having trouble connecting to the internet?

    • When you click I Agree, the licensing window closes and the Editor is launched. Re-launch the application to view the licensing window and click Having trouble connecting to internet? to activate the software.
    • If you click Sign In Now while in offline mode, you can view an error screen that states that you do not have an Internet connection. Go back and click Having trouble connecting to internet? and follow the remaining steps in this procedure to activate the software.
    • In case you launched the application but do not see the licensing window, it is possible that the window is hidden behind an active application window. Minimize the active windows and check the taskbar to access the licensing window.
  8. Click Offline Activation.

    Offline activation

  9. Click Generate Request Code.

    Generate Request Code

  10. Note down the generated Request Code. This code is case-sensitive.

    Request Code

  11. On a machine with active Internet connection, log on to and click the 'Generate a Response Code' link. This link directs you to the Adobe sign-in page where you can sign in with your Adobe ID.

    Generate a Response Code

  12. Once you have successfully signed in with your Adobe ID, enter the Request Code and Serial Number that was used to generate the Request Code and click Generate Response Code.

    Enter Response Code

  13. Copy the generated Response Code.

  14. Enter Response Code in the dialog box where Request Code was generated.

    Response Code

    Once you enter the correct response code, click Activate. Your application is then successfully activated offline.

    Offline activation is complete


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