Using Photoshop Express

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Express on Android and Windows mobile devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free mobile app for making quick, powerful, and easy photo edits and creating collages. Apply instant filters called Looks, choose from an array of adjustment and correction options to touch up your photos, and instantly share them on social media.


To learn how to use Adobe Photoshop Express on iOs, see Get started with Photoshop Express on iOS.

Get started

Adobe Photoshop Express is available on Google Play Store. Download and install the app by clicking one of the following badges:

Download link for Android devices

Download link for Windows devices

View and select photos

Launch the app and select the photo that you want to work with. The first screen displays photos from your device memory.

Alternatively, you can click a photograph using the app and work with it right away. To do this, select All Photos > Camera

Edit photos

Make your photos look their fabulous best with a variety of adjustments and corrections. To save your edits, click  in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Save to Gallery.

Apply Looks

Photoshop Express allows you to apply instant filters called Looks. You can choose from a range of eye-catching effects and control its intensity. Select your desired effect to apply it and adjust its intensity using the slider.

You can also create and save your customized Looks. To do this, tap Add in the Looks panel, type a name, and click Save Look.

Transform your photos

Click  to crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. You can also transform and fix perspective using this option.

Crop your photo

  1. Select the Crop tool.

  2. Click Free Size.

  3. Select 1:1 for square or any other desired aspect ratio.

    Crop photos in Android device.

Fix perspective in your photos

Photoshop Express provides four perspective correction options - vertical, horizontal, and two auto modes for Full Auto and Balanced Auto.

  1. Select the Crop tool.

  2. Click Transform category.

  3. Use the slider or auto option to fix the perspective in your photo.

    Fix perspective in Photoshop Express

Resize your photos

The image resize options will scale photos down to the selected long edge, while preserving the photo's current crop ratio. Scaling is applied to exported/saved and shared photos.

To resize a photo in Android, select the Crop tool > Free Size > Custom.

Make adjustments

You can use the following adjustment options to enhance your photo:

Exposure The amount of light in which the photo was captured. You can adjust the slider to make your photo look dark or light.

Contrast The difference between the brightness of the dark and light areas in your photo. A high value on the slider can make your photo pop out by increasing the difference in lightness and darkness.

Highlights The brightest parts in a photo. You can adjust the slider to control details of highlights. A
lower value of the slider gives more details in highlights.

Shadows The darkest part in a photo. You can adjust the slider to control details of shadows. A
higher value of the slider gives more details in the shadow.

Whites Controls the brightest areas in a photo and has a wider tonal range than Highlights. Adjust the slider to change the overall brightness of your photo along with white parts.

Blacks Controls the darkest areas in a photo and has a wider range of tonal values and effect than Shadows.

Temperature Gives a warm (sunny) look or a cool (winter) look to your photo.

Tint Adds green and magenta tint to your photos.

Vibrance Improves lower-saturated colors with less effect on the higher-saturated colors. Adjust the slider to boost colors in your photo without making it look harsh.

Saturation Adjust the slider to saturate all colors in your photo equally and enhance its colors.

Clarity Adjust the slider to add depth to an image by increasing local contrast. This can bring out details and textures in your photo.

Dehaze Removes atmospheric haze from photos. Adjust the slider to remove fog or enhance fog in your photo.

Sharpen Enhances contrast between specific pixels. Adjust the slider to make your photo look crisp.

Reduce Luminance Noise Luminance noise disturbs the brightness of colored pixels. Adjust the slider to fix this type of noise.

Reduce Color Noise Color noise is present when multi-colored pixels appear as flat color. Adjust the slider to fix this type of noise.

Add text

To add text, you can choose from a list of text options called Text styles. Create memes and posters by adding Text styles to your photos and collages. You can adjust the text opacity using the slider, add text color, easily pan, zoom, or rotate, and adjust the placement of the text.

Correct red eye

Click  to correct red eyes and pet eyes in a click.

Add borders

Click  to add a border to your photo.

Remove blemishes

Click  to remove spots, dirt, and dust from your photos with a single touch. 

If you don't receive your desired result, re-tap to view different results on each tap.

Auto-enhance your photos

Use Auto Enhance to adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, temperature, tint, vibrance, and clarity to auto values. To apply Auto Enhance, click  in the top panel of the screen.

Auto Enhance

You can allow Photoshop Express to automatically apply Auto Enhance each time you open a photo. To do this, deselect Disable Auto Enhance in Preferences.

Add a watermark

  • You can add your desired image or text as a watermark to your photo:
  1. Log in to your Creative Cloud account, if you're not already logged in.

  2. Select App Settings > Preferences > Add Watermark.

  3. To add a photo of your choice, click Add image and select the photo you want to add as a watermark.

  4. To add text, click Add text and save the text you want to add as a watermark.

  5. You can use the slider to adjust the opacity of your watermark.

  • To disable or remove a watermark, swipe the photo preview displayed on the Share screen to get the photo without the watermark.
  • To disable or remove a watermark from all photos, remove the custom image or custom text added as a watermark under App Settings > Preferences.

Correct lens issues

This feature is currently available in UK, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, and Australia regions only.

The Lens correction tool in Photoshop Express helps fix lens issues such as distortion, chromatic aberration, vignette, and perspective. The lens corrections are applied based on your lens model because each lens is uniquely designed.

You can select Enable Lens Correction to apply lens corrections and fix these lens issues. The toggle for Enable Lens Correction remains disabled for photos that do not have any lens issues.

To learn how to correct lens issues, see Lens correction.

Apply Blur effect to photos

In Photoshop Express, you can find Blur in the Corrections panel. You can choose from two Blur options: 

  • Radial Blur Applies blur to specific regions in a photo
  • Full Blur Applies blur to the complete photo

To apply Radial Blur, follow these steps:

  1. Move the circular mask to the desired region. Adjust the circles to apply no blur, feather, and blur to desired regions in the photo.

  2. Move the slider to adjust the intensity of Blur. You can also use the toggle to change the blurred regions in the photo.

    You can also use the toggle to change the blurred regions in the photo.

    To apply Full Blur, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Full option.

    2. Move the slider to adjust the intensity of Blur.

  • To disable auto-connect setting in Photoshop Express, select App settings > Preferences > Reset Photoshop Connections and click Yes.
  • If you receive the error message ‘Looks like this image is not open any more in Photoshop', reopen the image and try again. Alternatively, reopen the image in Photoshop Express and click the Photoshop Effects icon to connect to Photoshop.
  • If you're unable to apply Photoshop Effects to your photos, close any opened window or dialog box in Photoshop and re-apply the effect in the app.

Make collages

Photoshop Express allows you to create gorgeous and share-worthy collages in a single tap. Select the photos that you want to work with and use one of the layout styles in the bottom panel of the screen. These collage layouts are intelligently created using image metadata, such as geolocation and time.

To create a collage:

  1. On the first screen after launching the app, click  at the bottom-right of the screen.

  2. Select the desired photos. You can combine up to nine photos in a single collage.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Choose the desired layout style and click  to make edits.

  5. To save the collage to your phone memory, click in the upper-right corner of the screen and select Save to Gallery.

The collage features include:

Aspect ratio Tap the Aspect ratio icon to set the aspect ratio of your collage.

Change Layout Tap the layout icon to choose from grid, freeform, and shapes layouts.

Edit and replace photos Tap the edit icon to replace or delete any photo in your collage. To swap photos, long-press any photo to drag and drop it on any other cell. To edit a photo tap the edit icon.

Apply Style Tap the Style transfer icon to apply quick styles to your collage.

Add text Tap the text icon to add text. Stylize your text by choosing from the available font styles. You can adjust the text opacity using the slider, add text color, easily pan, zoom, or rotate, and also adjust the placement of the text.

Add sticker Tap the sticker icon to add stickers to your collage. You can pan, zoom, or rotate the sticker and place it as you desire.

Change Borders Tap the border icon to apply borders and adjust inner and outer borders. You can also add colors to borders.

Add background patterns Tap the background icon to add background styles. You can choose from a variety of available patterns, colors, and gradients.

Share your work

Quickly share your work on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and through text messages. To do this, in the upper-right corner of the screen, click  and select your preferred option to share.

Non-destructive save

You can overwrite your photos while sharing instead of creating a copy. You can change this setting in Preferences. Select App settings > Preferences > Sharing Settings and deselect Save as copy. 

Non destructive save
Deselect 'Save as copy' to overwrite your photos while sharing

Control JPEG quality

You can choose a quality scale to be applied to your photo while exporting or sharing the image. A 100% value gives the best result with increased file size. By default, the quality scale is set to 85%.

To change image quality:

  1. Select App Settings > Preferences > JPEG Quality.

  2. Change the Quality slider value.

    Quality slider
    Specify your photo quality in Photoshop Express

Work with other Adobe apps

Connect to Creative Cloud, Lightroom, and CC Library from within Photoshop Express. To do this:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click .

  2. Select the desired option to connect with in the Send To section.

  3. Log in with your Adobe ID, Google, or Facebook account and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your desired app.

You can also apply a few edits in other mobile apps and import the work to Photoshop Express. For example, you can:

  • Cut out objects in Photoshop Mix.
  • Use heal and liquify tools in Photoshop Fix.
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