Feature summary | Photoshop desktop (June 2022 release)


With the July 2022 release of Photoshop 23.4.2, we provide fixes to customer-reported issues and performance enhancements. For details, see Fixed issues.

Also, for checking the full list of supported cameras and lenses, see Supported camera models and Supported lenses.

Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2022 release of Photoshop desktop (version 23.4)

Cylindrical Transform Warp

Packaging designers, we heard you! With this release, Photoshop is introducing the Cylindrical Transform Warp capability which allows curving flat artwork to a rounded cylindrical surface. Also, you get added bottom/left and top/right resizing controls so that the entire selection can be freely transformed.

Transform Warp : Cylinder

To work with the new cylindrical transform warp, do the following:

  1. Select a layer or region in the image you want to warp.   
  2. Choose Edit > Transform > Warp from the menus or press Command+T (Mac) or Control+T (Win). 
  3. Click the Free Transform / Warp Modes button in the options bar. 
  4. Go to the Warp dropdown menu in the options bar and select the bottom icon: Cylinder.
  5. Click & drag the on-screen controls to shape-adjust the warp.

We have added bottom/left and top/right resizing controls so that the entire selection can be freely transformed. Also, you can apply the cylindrical transform warp to Text layers as well.

To learn more, see Warp images, shapes, and paths.

Preserve hair details

With Photoshop 23.4 (June 2022) release, the Object Selection tool has been enhanced for making better hair selections in human portrait images. Object Selection tool can now recognize portraits and apply hair refinement to get a mask as good as that delivered by Select Subject.

Simply open your portrait image and select the Object Selection tool from the toolbar and make your selection by either clicking on the portrait or by creating a lasso or marquee around the person and obtain the mask with all the hair details captured. 

Preserve hair details

Further, you can use the Refine Hair option in the Select and Mask workspace to get finer results for images other than human portraits like pets/animals/fur more naturally.

To learn more, see Make quick selections.

Enhancements for Guides

With the latest enhancements to the Guides feature in Photoshop, you can now customize the functionality of your guides at the document level, instead of setting global preferences, to improve your creative work.

This includes the ability to colorize and edit guides, access guides via new keyboard shortcuts, and a new context menu.

You can also delete guides with the Delete key and multi-select guides to edit and move them. 

Improved Grids and Guides in Photoshop desktop

To learn more, see Grid and Guides.

Emoji shorthand for in-app comments

With this release, Photoshop has added emoji shorthand support that you can use while in-app commenting for your cloud documents! Previously, if you wanted to insert an emoji in your comment, you needed to select the emoji from the emoji picker. 

To use the emoji shorthand, you can simply type a colon “:” and then begin typing shortcut words to easily access a list of related emojis. Cool, isn't it!

Emoji shorthand support

To learn more, check out Share files and comment in-app.

Other changes and enhancements

Video edit and playback support for Apple Silicon machines

With the June 2022 release of Photoshop 23.4, excited to share that the native support for video editing and playback is now enabled for Mac devices using the Apple Silicon M1 chips. For earlier Photoshop versions, video editing was possible on Intel-based Mac devices only.

You can enable the feature by clicking on Windows > Timeline.

Video edit and playback support for Apple Silicon machines

To learn more about features you can use on M1 machines, check out Photoshop for Apple Silicon.

Save As preference improvement

With this update, when you select Save As on a new document, you will see the cloud document picker dialog so you can save your files to Creative Cloud. You can still decide to save locally on your computer from the dialog. 
To revert to the existing 'Save As' behavior, you can select the Default File Location as On your computer to see the local path while creating the new documents from any of the below locations:

  • Windows: Edit > Preferences > File Handling
  • macOS: Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling
File location preference in Photoshop

To learn more, check out Save files in Photoshop.

Spring Loaded tool shortcut preference

Photoshop 23.4 gives you the ability to adjust the Timing Sensitivity for Spring-Loaded Tools Shortcuts. The default is 200 milliseconds, but you can adjust the timing in Preferences > Tools.

Spring loaded tool shortcut preference

To learn more, check out Use Tools in Photoshop.

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles below:

Fixed customer-reported issues

For detailed information, see Fixed issues in Photoshop.

Known Issues

For detailed information, see Known issues in Photoshop.

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