Fixed Issues

We heard you! We have been hard at work fixing issues in the latest release of Premiere Rush.

Bugs fixed in October 2019 (version 1.2.11) release

Bugs fixed in Premiere Rush on iOS

Fixed a bug where PNGs would display as a black box without transparency

Bugs fixed in Premiere Rush on Android

Fixed an issue with direct publishing to YouTube

Bugs fixed in September 2019 (version 1.2.5) release

Bugs fixed in Premiere Rush on desktop

  • Fixed the Help button for Spanish and Korean languages.
  • Auto Duck indicators on clips in the timeline will now refresh when speed changes are made to audio clips.
  • Fixed a crash on Windows that could sometimes happen when undoing Auto Duck changes.
  • Resolved a case where frames from earlier in the clip may be shown when increasing speed above 200% for some 240fps clips.
  • Range handles should now snap to the playhead (CTI) more accurately.
  • Resolved an issue where clip duration could sometimes vary while dragging timeline range handles with ramps enabled.
  • To align with iOS and Android versions of Rush, the Opacity slider in the Transform panel has been moved from the Advanced to the Basic section.
  • Resolution of several other random crashes reported by customers.

Bugs fixed in Premiere Rush on iOS

  • Cut/Copy and Paste now works for editing text for titles within the Monitor.
  • Added new prompt to flag when title text contains characters is not supported by the current font language. More information about this issue can be found here: Why do I see boxes when typing in my language? 

Bugs fixed in Premiere Rush on Android

Bugs fixed in April 2019 (version 1.1) release

  • Timeline thumbnail drawing performance improvements to resolve cases where thumbnails would not draw as expected.
  • Crash situations that could occur on application shut down after sharing your video.
  • Resolved several cases where the application could crash when editing large amounts of text within Titles.
  • Several improvements when adding and making duration changes to Transitions (including resolving situations where duration would sometimes reset back to the default).

Bugs fixed in February 2019 (version 1.0.4) release

Fixed an issue with Premiere Rush that reduces noise interaction and helps minimize possible impact. The patch is available via the Creative Cloud app.

Bugs fixed in January 2019 (version 1.0.3) release

  • Reported cases of red video frames appearing in the monitor when using HEVC media.
  • Improved reliability of project loading in the Project Browser on application launch.
  • Resolved an issue where some Windows 10 users were unable to open existing (or create new) projects.
  • Occasional crashes when canceling or exiting the application during export.
  • Occasional crash when navigating libraries in the Titles panel.
  • Resolved several crashes reported by users of our earlier releases.
  • Corrected some localized strings
  • Fixed export file size estimation
  • Better error reporting when you do not give access to camera roll
  • Fixed export issues when there are multiple titles in a sequence
  • Fixed a sign-up issue that made it harder to sign up on some new 3rd Generation iOS devices
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Bugs fixed in November 2018 (version 1.0.2) release

  • Occasional crashes when exiting the application on Mac 
  • Occasional crashes when completing the tour 
  • Issue with Auto Ducking not always working on secondary devices

Bugs fixed in November 2018 (version 1.0.1) release

  • Occasional crashes in CC Library (Windows only). 
  • Occasional crashes when manipulating settings for Auto Duck. 
  • Improvements made to UI animations with opening and closing of panels. 
  • Occasional error when launching Premiere Rush on Mac: "Login to the Premiere Rush service failed due to a network connectivity Error".
  • Occasional crashes when switching between titles while Direct Manipulation is enabled. 
  • Issue with dragging to adjust text and graphics on video image when Display Setting is set to something other than 100% (Windows only). 
  • Remove the restriction with importing titles from Premiere Pro 12.X. 
  • Improvements to drag and drop of Stock titles into the timeline.  
  • Removed the update alert that could appear for some users each time Premiere Rush is launched.
  • Removed unsupported language dictionaries causing incorrect text strings to appear.


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