Use document templates to send an agreement

A Library Template is a reusable template of fields that have been placed. They are either saved as a Form Field Template, or a Library Document. The creator of the Library Template can set the permission level to determine who has access to use and send these templates.

Starting a transaction from the template on the Manage page

You can start a transaction using a template from the Manage tab by selecting the template and clicking the Use Template link in the right rail options.

For users with access to templates in  multiple groups:

  • Templates restricted to only one group will load the Send page with the template attached and the group preselected and locked.
  • Templates available to the whole account will load the Send page with the template attacked and the Send from selected open for the user to configure.
Use a template from the manage page

Attaching a template from the Home page

On the Home page, ther eis an option to Start from library.

Clicking this button opens a file selector that allows the user to select either a Template or Workflow to start the send process.

The Recent tab shows the 20 most recently used Templates, with the most recent at the top.

After selecting the Template (or Worklflow) and clicking Start, the user is moved to the Send page with the template already attached.

Attach form the Home page

Accounts that have Users in Multiple Groups (UMG) enabled see folders for each group they are a member of, with the related templates inside. Account-level templates are stored in their own folder at the bottom of the list.

  • Selecting a template from the group folders loads the Send page with the template attached, and the group selector is locked with the correct group selected.
Templates in Group UMG nests

  • Selecting an Account-level template loads the Send page with the template attached and the group selector available for the user to configure as needed.
Templates in Account UMG nests

Attaching a template during the Send process

The templates available to the user will be limited to:

  • templates the user has created themselves
  • templates available to the whole account
  • templates related to the group the sender is sending from

To use a library template, click the Add Files link, and then click the Templates option on the left rail.

A list of the available templates is presented.

Check one or more, and click Attach.

Attaching a library document to an agreement

Form Field Templates

  1. Click the Send tab, add your recipients' e-mail addresses, name the transaction, add a message, and upload or attach the documents that you want to send.
  2. Select the box labeled Preview & Add Signature Fields.
  3. Click the blue Next button.
The Preview option enabled

The drag-and-drop Editing screen opens, so you can place various fields on the document, or you apply a previously saved Form Field Template.

To use a Form Field Template, click the Field and Page icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

The Template option on the Authoring page

Choose which Form Field Template to apply, and what page to start the Template on.

When you are done adjusting or placing the fields on the document, click the blue Send button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to send the document, with those fields placed.


It is possible to use multiple Form Field Templates on a single document. Simply repleat the steps to apply a Form Field Template for each one you want to use, and all the fields appear on the document.

Note: Be careful you don't have overlapping fields when multiple Form Field Templates are applied.


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