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Troubleshooting & help

You can download AIR runtime from the Adobe AIR download center. You can download the Adobe AIR SDK and compiler from the Adobe AIR Development Center.

If you have trouble installing AIR, refer to Troubleshoot installation of AIR on Windows or Troubleshoot Adobe AIR installation for Mac OS for solutions.

The website you are viewing uses a feature, such as the ability to communicate with AIR applications, that Google Chrome has sandboxed. See Adobe Flash Enabler FAQ for more details.

A newer version of Adobe AIR has been downloaded and is ready to be installed. See the Adobe AIR 2.0 auto-update FAQ for more information.

See the release notes for details on bug fixes, enhancements, and new features in the latest release.

You can download older versions of AIR for development and testing. For regular use, download the most current version from the Adobe AIR download center.

The last version of AIR to support desktop Linux distributions is AIR 2.6. For details, see Install Adobe AIR 2 for 64-bit Linux systems or Install 32-bit Adobe AIR for desktop Linux.

Yes. For instructions, see Installing Adobe AIR using YUM.

To find the latest AIR Native Extensions (ANEs) created by the AIR community, visit the Adobe AIR Native Extensions page. You can also find tutorials and reference information for developing your own ANEs. Check out the Flash & AIR Platforms Showcase Gallery for featured ANEs.