Adobe Technical Communication Customer Support

Adobe Tech Comm Customer Support

The Adobe Tech Comm team knows that you rely on our products to meet business-critical goals. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to minimize disruptions and maximize your investment in Adobe Tech Comm products. 

Contact the Adobe Technical Communication Support team:

For Adobe Technical Communication Suite, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe RoboHelp Server and Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server

For all the other Adobe products

Overall excellence

We go all-out to maintain a consistently high level of service for continued customer satisfaction.

"I have always found the Adobe Tech Comm Support customer service to be EXCELLENT. "

- Mick Hosegood, Partner, First Alternative

“The product is good. The customer service is great. I’m glad to be an Adobe Tech Comm customer.”

- Leyder Flores, Project Manager, Euro-Pro

“Adobe Tech Comm products are easy to use and the support they offer is satisfactory. I am very happy with their customer service.”

- Liisa Pohjonen, Technical Writer, Lamican Oy

Great attitude

Our representatives are attentive, patient, polite, and responsive. They take the time to truly understand your problem so that they can solve it quickly and effectively.  

“Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support is pleasant, courteous, and efficient. I really appreciate their technical expertise as my problem was quickly identified and fixed—putting me back on task that same morning."

- Linda Cast, Software Technical Writer, Pearson

“The Tech Comm Support rep provided AMAZING service! My rep was polite, patient, and stayed with me for a long time until my issue was completely resolved. I was having a lot of trouble on my own and was thankful for help.”

- Olha Hirka, Senior Technical Writer, The Men's Wearhouse

“EXCELLENT service! The RoboHelp Customer Support team is very supportive and communicate clearly. I really admire their patience and persistence. They waited until the issue was fully resolved and I was completely satisfied.”

- Bernd Hutschenreuther, Technical Writer, net-linx Europe GmbH  

"The Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support team is very helpful and patient. The level of professionalism is excellent.”

- Patrick Dunlea-Jones, Architect, Surveyor, Construction Manager, Dunlea-Jones  

“My experience with Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support was quite smooth. They were responsive and helped solve my problem not only in a timely manner, but with a positive attitude!”

- Syed Atef Alvi, Revenue Services Analyst, City of Regina


Easily reachable

Contact us more easily than ever, via multiple channels including live chat, email, or phone.

“Adobe FrameMaker Customer support is easily and readily available. The ease of contacting support and getting help through multiple channels is quite admirable.”

- Tani Barbour, Senior Technical Writer, Covidien

“It is extremely easy to contact Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support given the multiple options to get in touch with them. I used the chat option and got my query resolved almost immediately.”

- Kristian Sassersson, Technical Communicator, Consafe Logistics AB

“I called Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support and my problem was taken care of immediately. I am impressed with the ease of contacting the support team and with their level of responsiveness!”

- Gary Richardson, Senior Technical Writer, Fabric Technical Publications Group, Intel

“I always know that Adobe Tech Comm Customer Support is there—especially via phone whenever I need them to help me out. They are diligent in following up on issues after doing necessary research for a solution. At times they have even pre-empted possible problems based on reported issues and recommended solutions proactively. What more can I ask for? Combined with the technical expertise they possess, I can definitely say that that Adobe Tech Comm Customer Support is the BEST technical support team ever.”

- Cindy Pao, Technical Documentation Specialist, Key Energy Services




We strive to provide you with the fastest resolution possible so that you can get on with your work.

“My experience with the Adobe Tech Comm Customer Support was quick and easy. It is great to see such a fast turnaround.”

- Russell Rollins, Training & Documentation Specialist, DHL Express

“Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support is quite responsive. They were very helpful in assisting me with what I needed—providing quick and timely responses.”

- Nicholas Morales, Associate Consultant, Healthcare Company

“I used the pop-up chat feature and immediately got the answer to my questions. The Adobe Tech Comm Support technician was very helpful and provided me with what I needed.”

- Renee Murphy, Manager, Technical Publications, A Claims Technology Solutions Company

“I quickly got a satisfactory answer when I reached out to Adobe Tech Comm Customer Support for help. This is the kind of customer service I want. Good job!”

- Lucy Kajimoto, Senior Technical Writer, Everbridge, Inc.

“Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support is quick, responsive, and meticulous. I got a solution right away and my contact details were correctly captured too. GREAT work!”

- Laura Vilensky, Business Analyst, Technical Writer, Project Manager, Ohio Department of Transportation


Knowledgeable and experienced

Our representatives have deep knowledge of our products, and are skilled in providing quick fixes to common (and uncommon) problems.

“My Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support contact was quite knowledgeable and helpful in resolving my issue quickly. I appreciate the technical capability and the commitment of the support team.”

- Sr. Process Analyst and Technical Writer, Time Warner Cable

“Tech Comm Customer Support team is knowledgeable and knows how to use the applications well. My support contact was tenacious about finding a solution and demonstrated patience as we sat through several installations and uninstallations.”

- Carol Winslow, Senior Technical Writer, Leading Sound Engineering Company

“I am grateful for the Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support team’s expertise in helping me pinpoint my problem.”

- Johnny Hayes, Technical Writer, Electrolux

“The Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support staff are extremely knowledgeable and are great people to work with. They worked very hard, and took the time to completely resolve my issue.“

- Sterling O’Grady, Senior Technical Writer, Contractor



Our representatives will go the extra mile and not give up until they have found you the solution you seek, even for the most complex technical challenges.

“The Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support guys are patient, willing to go the extra mile to help and persevere until a solution is found. Great Job!"

- Alex Crossley, Principal Engineer, Technical Software Group, Baker Hughes

“Adobe RoboHelp Customer Support was very helpful in trying to expedite solving my problem.”

- Audrey Sherman, Senior Technical Writer, PerkinElmer  

“I appreciate the commitment and follow through of Adobe Tech Comm Support in ensuring that my issue is corrected at the first attempt. The agent was patient as he spent dedicated time and effort in solving my problem.”

- Roger Kinney, Senior Technical Writer, Lynx Software Technologies Inc.

"Adobe FrameMaker Customer Support is friendly and highly knowledgeable. I've enjoyed the level and promptness of the support every time. It’s definitely the best support unit I have come across. Outstanding job!"

- Navin Mathew, Senior Technical Writer, Symphony Teleca Corp


Adobe Customer Support Program

Get the most out of your Adobe investment with an expert support program.

As you invest in Adobe technology for your critical business needs, don't let complex technical challenges slow you down. The Adobe Customer Support Program is designed to provide Adobe customers a comprehensive and responsive support coverage in deploying and maintaining Adobe technology for critical workflows or business processes. Leverage the customer support program to unlock the Adobe solution potential for your business and identify more ways to achieve your business goals. No matter how complex your requirements, the help you need is only a phone call or a few clicks away.  

Deploy your solution faster and more reliably

  • Receive tips and best practices on how to install, configure, and customize the solution based on your requirements.
  • Gain insights on security issues and integration with other software.

Mitigate risks and minimize disruptions

  • Resolve technical issues immediately with access to 24*7 responsive support from Adobe experts.
  • Get advice on handling major updates and upgrades with minimal disruption.

Keep users productive

  • Leverage tips and best practices from Adobe on design, development, maintenance, and everyday use to increase your team's productivity.
  • Unlock the potential of the product for your business with "how to" support from Adobe.
  • Schedule timely service reviews for continuous improvements.
Support Program Enterprise Support
Applicable to
  • Only VIP & ETLA customers (default)
Contract period
  • One to three years (for VIP) 
  • Three years (for ETLA)
No. of incidents
  • Unlimited
Support channels provided
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Chat support
  • Knowledgebase
  • Customer support portal
  • Remote access
Bundled maintenance
  • Yes
Authorized contacts
  • Ten
Additional services
  • Deployment assistance
  • Patches and fixes
Upgrade plan
  • Included
Target response time**
  • Critical (priority 1): 30 mins
  • Urgent (priority 2): 2 hours
  • Important (priority 3): 4 hours
  • Minor (priority 4): 1 business day
Hours of coverage
  • 24x7x365*
Service enhancements available
  • Technical solution management
  • Additional contacts
  • Premium services 

* Mission-critical support is provided by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year only for priority 1 issues.

** Definition:

  • Critical (Priority 1): The problem results in extremely serious interruptions to a production system.
  • Urgent (Priority 2): The problem results in serious interruptions to normal operations, will negatively impact an enterprise-wide installation, urgent deadlines or at risk.
  • Important (Priority 3): The problem causes interruptions in normal operations.
  • Minor (Priority 4): The problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations.
  • Value Incentive Plan (VIP): The Adobe Value Incentive Plan is a subscription licensing program that makes it convenient for institutions of all sizes to purchase, deploy, and manage Adobe products.
  • Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA): An Enterprise Term License Agreement is ideal for larger deployments across centralized organizations. Get cloud and desktop offerings and budget predictability over a three-year term, with one annual payment due on the same date each year.

As of July 1, 2019, Adobe Software Assurance (ASA) or Maintenance and Support (M&S) and Gold Support licensing plans are being discontinued worldwide for the following Technical Communication products:

  • Adobe Technical Communication Suite
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server
  • Adobe RoboHelp Server  

This means that starting July 1, 2019, worldwide customers will not be able to purchase new or renewal licenses for ASA or M&S and Gold Support plans for perpetual licenses of the above-mentioned products through Channel (Adobe authorized resellers). Customers, however, will still be able to purchase perpetual licenses of all the above-mentioned products through Channel (Adobe authorized resellers) under Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) and Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP). After July 1, 2019, customers who are currently enrolled for ASA or M&S and Gold Support plans for any of the above-mentioned products will continue to avail all the benefits for these programs till the expiry date of the current contract. Details on the various enterprise buying programs can be found here.

Download the complete overview of Adobe Customer Support Program.


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