Feature summary | Photoshop on the web (October 2021 release)

Learn about new features in the October 2021 release of Photoshop on the web

Introduction to Photoshop on the web

Familiarize yourself with Photoshop on the web's interface, collaboration features, and limited editing functionality. We encourage you to play around and have fun in Photoshop on the web, and your documents should be stored in your cloud documents. 

Introduction to Photoshop on the web

To learn more, check out Introduction to the workspace.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Easily manage feedback and editing permissions for your stakeholders. Share your document for others to make edits, or send a view-only link for comments, contextual pins, and annotations.

Collaborate with stakeholders

To learn more, check out Share files and comment in-app.

Quick editing on the web

Make quick edits, retouch, and adjust images with Photoshop on the web. Limited editing features include simple layers, selection tools, masking, and others.

Limited editing in Photoshop on the web

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