Add-in window does not launch normally after minimizing | Connect 9.1


Create a project in Presenter 7.0.6 and publish that in zip format locally on your system, and upload the zip file to Adobe connect meeting room as a host. Minimize the Add-in window while it’s uploading and try to launch it again once it is uploaded. You will see a blank window.


  1. Log in to Adobe Connect with your ID and password and create a meeting room.
  2. Launch the meeting room as a host on one machine and as a guest on second machine.
  3. Share a zip format presenter file from host computer: Share Document > Browser My Computer > Select a presenter file with .zip format.
  4. While the file is uploading, minimize the Add-in window on the host machine. Once the file is uploaded guest/user will be able to see it on their end.
  5. From the host machine, click on Adobe Connect add-in to launch from the taskbar.


The add-in will not launch normally, it will show a blank window. If you click on restore button then you will see the shared content for a while.


The add-in should launch normally and host should be able to see shared content and all the pods.


This issue is with the presenter (7.0.6) content and for fixing this; you should use the later version of Presenter.


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