Screen control doesn't work when Windows 8 Task Manager covers screen being shared

Screen control in Adobe Connect stops working with the Windows 8 Task Manager covers the screen being shared.


This issue is not a problem with Adobe Connect. Windows does not allow remote control of Task Manager.

Additional information

In Windows 8 machine, if you are sharing your screen and have given access control to the user and a metro application such as task Manager comes over the screen being shared, then the user who is controlling the screen will not be able to control any more.


  1. Launch a meeting in add-in from Windows 8 machine as a host.
  2. Let another user join in this meeting room.
  3. Share the screen from the Windows 8 machine.
  4. Ask the user two to click on request control and accept this request from your side.
  5. Open Task Manager on windows 8 Machine.


Host will be able to accept the request control but user will not be able to control the screen.


User should be able to control the screen.



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