Adobe Connect application for desktop 2022.5.109 Release Notes

This document contains details about Adobe Connect Application version 2022.5.109, including release dates, issues resolved, and improvements.


Adobe Connect Application  2022.5.109 is an optional update for Microsoft Windows OS and Mac OS users and is being released in preparation for Adobe Connect 12.0 release. It introduces new features which will only be activated after Adobe Connect 12.0 release. The details of the new features will be provided with Adobe Connect 12.0 release notes.

This update is backwards compatible with all Adobe Connect 10.x and 11.x accounts.

Release date

Adobe Connect Application 2022.5.109 for Windows and Mac 

Release Date: May 12, 2022

These applications are available from the
Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page. 

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

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