Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 8

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 8

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4198282 .NET object failure error while calling the class System/Collections/Specialized/StringCollection. .Net Support
CF-4203295 ColdFusion Administrator does not accept  IP Address ::1 for "Debugging IP Addresses", so localhost debugging fails. Administrator
CF-4198174 The icons that handle log files like "Download log file" or "Archive log file" are not displayed properly. Administrator
CF-4199836 Incorrect Alt Text for logo in ColdFusion Administrator. Administrator
CF-4199411 ColdFusion Administrator's "Secure Profile Settings Summary" is missing the "Enable ColdFusion Sandbox Security" option. Administrator : Administrator Console
CF-4198839 Invalid usage of AJAX tag. AJAX
CF-4102251 In  cfgrid , the attribute binOnLoad calls the JavaScript even when it is set to "No". AJAX : UI Components
CF-4200058 When trying to update the content of a nested tab via Coldfusion.navigate() call, the content for all tabs after the first tab will be duplicated. AJAX : UI Components
CF-4199532 Issues in height/width in cfgrid. AJAX :  UI Components
CF-4200533 When submitting a  cfform  with  richtext  via ColdFusion.Ajax.submit, the  cftextareavalue is always empty. AJAX :  UI Components
CF-4198279 When deploying multiple Coldfusion deployments as a J2EE EAR file on the same server, some of them are unable to start due to a conflict with the port for the Monitoring service. Application Deployment
CF-4198394 There are concurrency issues when writing to mappings returned from getApplicationMetadata() under load. Application Framework
CF-4198406 The built-in AWS S3 functionality only works with version 2 of Amazon's signature versions. CFComponent
CF-4198323 There are issues in time zones when using cfexchangeCalendar, action="create". CFExchange : Calendar
CF-4175138 The  imageWrite  function  applies  temp directory permissions in a few cases. CFIMAGE
CF-4150354 The js used to format a pie chart in ColdFusion 11 does not work as expected in the 2016 release. Charting/Graphing
CF-4201994 When using named parameters within queryExecute, a parameter that is the substring of another parameter is incorrectly being inserted in the statement where the latter exists. Database
CF-4165262 A null/blank CLOB value returned as reference cursor from a SELECT statement in Oracle causes produces the error message, No More Data Available To Read. Database
CF-4198278 Issues with queryExecute when using params immediately followed by a semicolon in  sql  text. Database
CF-4198861 There are errors when inserting, updating, or selecting Oracle 12c Varchar2 columns that are over 4000 characters. Database :  Oracle
CF-4200663 XML  data type is no longer supported in the 2016 version of Query of Queries. Database :  Query-of-Query(IMQ)
CF-4198322 An error occurs when a SQL statement includes literal strings (enclosed in single quotes) contains a colon (:) followed by a space. Database : CFQuery
CF-4203068 Dockable debugger template loads images from CFIDE. Debugging
CF-4201097 When dumping an object deserialized from JSON that has a NULL value and attempting to specify a key to hide, the error"Element [VARIABLENAME] is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression" appears. Debugging : CFDump
CF-4200137 Debugging data displays "ExecuteQuery" as the name of the query when using the function queryExecute(). Debugging : General
CF-4198420 cfdocument  does not wrap long links without spaces in the display. Document Management : PDF generation
CF-4200014 A pdf generated using  cfdocument  in a loop does not apply background color style as expected. Document Management : PDF generation
CF-4203132 cfhtmltopdfitem  throws an error when more than three special characters are used anywhere in the code. Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)
CF-4201686 cfpdfform with name attribute makes the PDF unsignable in Reader. Document  Management :  PDF Form
CF-4198484 cfspreadsheet  formatting functions do not work as expected. Document  Management : Office Integration
CF-4203361 The function spreadsheetSetCellComment(doc,commentStruct,rowNumber,colNumber) causes an error when doc is of type XLSX. However, it works as expected when doc is of type XLS. Document  Management : Office Integration
CF-4203227 cfspreadsheet action="update" performs automatic formatting of excel rows. Document Management :Office Integration
CF-4198295 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when creating  instance  of ActiveMQ Gateway Event Gateway
CF-4198393 Each time you use  cffile  to write to a file, the function reproduces the BOM signature. File Management : CFFile
CF-4198540 When passing a function closure to another function, if the argument type is  string , the function is allowed to come through. Functions
CF-4199452 queryExecute does not support single-quotes in  sql -style comments. Functions
CF-4199244 Unable to create a session after a response has been committed. General Server
CF-4199826 JavaSettings .LoadPaths and ObjectLoad do not work as expected. Java Integration
CF-4199825 getPageContext().getResponse().getContentType() throws UnsupportedOperationException. JEE  Deployment : JSP
CF-4197174 In Internet Explorer, trying to set or expire  an empty  cookie results in a new session cookie. Language
CF-4199727 Query column values resolve incorrectly in a query passed as an argument to a CFC method. Language
CF-3731425 Issues in Built-in Functions as  first class  functions. Language
CF-4100122 Introduce ISO 8601 support in dayOfWeek function. Language : Functions
CF-4199031 The script variant of  cfloop  fails to execute for a list. Language : CFSCRIPT
CF-4198734 Exceptions raised from member functions  gets  wrapped in Application exceptions. Language : Member Functions
CF-4200346 ColdFusion ignores the body content sent via HTTP DELETE requests. Net  Protocols : HTTP
CF-4198260 Under a request with thousands of CFLDAP calls the CFLDAP tag fails with this error message" "An error has occurred while trying to execute query :" Net  Protocols : LDAP
CF-4190744 There are a few performances issues  w ith  strings in underlying Java methods. Performance
CF-4198411 If you call restInitApplication with the option isDefault set to true it errors out instead of refreshing. REST Services
CF-4171358 cfschedule  behaves unexpectedly most of the time. Scheduler
CF-4201015 There are a few database-related exceptions that appear on a sandbox setup. Security
CF-4200168 With sandbox security active, the getFreeSpace and getTotalSpace functions throw errors. Security :  Sandbox
CF-4198528 Incorrect JSON serialization of certain errors. Serialization
CF-4202960 CFPDF action=archive fails when run on a secondary ColdFusion instance. Server Manager
CF-4141711 The monitoring server listens to port 5500 even when disabled from ColdFusion Administrator. Server Monitoring
CF-4198485 Facebook  Oauth  response is not formatted properly. Social :  OauthLogin
CF-4199994 After creating a deleting a collection multiple times, ColdFusion is unable to create a Solr collection. Text  Search :  Solr Integration
CF-4198405 Invoking WSPublish causes the session scope to become inaccessible/undefined within any CFC methods that are called during the duration of the request. Web Socket

Known issues in this release


Issue #1

A daily/monthly task when modified to set a crontime , does not set as expected.

Issue #2

Scheduled tasks are missing.


Issue #1

If you assign the result of a QueryExecute directly to a bracket style variable reference, an exception occurs.

Issue #2

An exception occurs when returning the result of queryExecute from a function in a CFC.


You are unable to create collections after upgrading Jetty manually.


When using a higher non-default Java with Solr, while starting Solr add the following argument:

--add-opens=java.base/jdk.internal.ref=ALL-UNNAMED to JVM. 

For example,

java --add-opens=java.base/jdk.internal.ref=ALL-UNNAMED -jar start.jar


The update installer looks for the  cfscripts folder if the folder is moved toa different location.


Specifying a datasource on a persistent CFC with secondary caching enabled returns the error:

Another CacheManager with the same name 'cacheName' already exists.

Revision history

2/15/2019: Added known issues for

  • queryExecute function
  • Task scheduler


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