Overview of ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset

Introducing ColdFusion (2018 release) Performance Monitoring Toolset

Performance Monitoring Toolset is an application monitoring suite to enable developers to gain insight on how applications perform at run-time.

Both the standard and enterprise editions of ColdFusion support Performance Monitoring Toolset.

The suite:

  • Captures and persists data in real time for business transactions and helps users resolve issues effectively.
  • Provides Dynamic Server Index, which includes metrics for JVM, GC, CPU usage, and so on.
  • Analyzes thread dumps and helps users in identifying bottlenecks.
  • Supports clustered environments.

The suite also:

  • Continuously monitors applications, servers, and databases to ensure increased stability.
  • Identifies and sends out alerts before they impact critical processes.
  • Safeguards applications from common performance pitfalls.

Flag performance issues and isolate problem areas so that you can initiate corrective action much faster. Know the average response time and throughput across the cluster or specific to a node, application, or page, in real time. Swiftly identify and resolve complex performance issues buried deep in your code. 


Install ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset

Follow the steps to install Performance Monitoring Toolset.

For more information, see Install Performance Monitoring Toolset.

Auto-discovery of ColdFusion nodes

When you start Performance Monitoring Toolset for the first time, the Performance Monitoring Toolset automatically discovers ColdFusion nodes within the network using multicast.

For more information, see Auto-discovery of nodes and clusters.




Topology presents an overview of the architecture of the setup.

You can view a topology of all external services, databases, applications, instances, clusters, or sites.

For more information, see Topology.

Auto-tune conectors

Auto-tuning of connectors

Optimize load on sites and auto-tune the connectors.

For more information, see Connectors.

Cluster and node metrics

View cluster and node metrics

Monitor the performance of nodes and clusters, take thread and heap dumps, and so on.

For more information, see View cluster and node metrics.

Data source metrics

Data source metrics

Identify bottlenecks at the database or data source level.

For more information, see Data source metrics.

Monitor external services

Monitor external services

View a graph of Average Execution Time for each of the external services-related tag, top slow services, and a load distribution of the services.

For more information, see Monitor external services.

Monitor incoming services

Monitor incoming services

Monitor incoming requests and see various metrics for REST, SOAP, or RPC requests.

For more information, see View incoming services.

Code profiler

Code profiler

Profile your code and check for bottlenecks.

For more information, see Code profiler.



Configure various parameters of Performance Monitoring Toolset.

For more information, see Settings.

ColdFusion Server Monitor

The Server Monitor is deprecated on ColdFusion (2018 release).

Server Monitor is only available on ColdFusion (2016 release) and earlier versions.

The Server Monitor provides information about your ColdFusion servers. Generally, the information that the Server Monitor provides is more detailed than the information that the Multiserver Monitor provides. However, the Multiserver Monitor provides a good way to track the status of multiple ColdFusion servers.
The Server Monitor provides information about the following:

  • Requests, queries, sessions, and threads
  • Response time
  • Memory usage
  • Alerts and errors
  • Snapshots of server information


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